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   Chapter 186 What A Pretty Little Girl

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The masked men did not speak. The pay was important indeed, but a given word was even more important.

Lay eased down his nerves.

Tina kept shouting with all her might,"Go kill him! Do you hear me? I am rich, and I can give you all the money you want! Rubbish! Cowards! All of you!"

Her mouth was shut by Lay who slapped her on the face. Lay slapped Tina again using both of his hands as hard as he could.

Her money here were worth nothing.

Tina fell to the ground, her face red and swollen. She was falling unconscious, but she kept crying and yelling without realizing what she was shouting about because her ears were ringing too.

'You stupid woman, ' Emily thought.

'She shouldn't have acted like that now that she is in his hands.'

Debby looked at Tina with a worrying face.

Then suddenly Tina stopped talking. Maybe she was too terrified to pronounce a word more, or maybe her strength had left her completely.

Lay kicked her vigorously on the back, but Tina did not even cry this time. Then Lay moved to the front and looked at her face. "What a pretty little girl. Who knew that the devil himself could hide behind this little face. But after a bit of beating up you are revealing your true self, aren't you? Look at you now. You are as ugly as your heart. Ha ha ha..."

Tina didn't pass out already. She was still there listening. At these words, she clenched her fists. She promised to herself that as soon as she got the chance, she would chop his head and feed the dogs with it!


Jacob realized that Emily and Debby were missing very late that day. So, he asked Andrew that stayed in the mansion for the whole day, but he knew nothing about where they went.

Then Jacob asked some of his men. One of them told him that Emily and Debby came across Tina wh

illance camera caught Emily and Tina walking away together, but then they disappear. I think they walked into a blind spot. After a bit the camera caught Debby going in their same direction with some masked men following them," Jacob told Mark. Mark's face darkened. "I know these men. They will do anything as long as they get paid."

Jacob didn't seem much worried,"Emily is a kind and sweet creature. I can't see why she should get into troubles with those men. You should be much worried than me, though. Tina was arrogant and made herself many enemies. No wonder that someone wants her dead."

"But then why did they kidnap both of them? Maybe someone wants to threaten the Gu and the Tao family..."

"Mark, are you serious? If someone wants to treat our families, why haven't we received any calls or... wait..."

"Shut up!" Mark stopped him,"I don't care about what you are thinking. We are in this together now. Emily is in danger too. You know that, don't you?"

Mark was right. Things were not good at all. There was something behind these kidnappings.

'I swear that I will cut the hands of anyone who dare to touch my Emily' Jacob thought mournfully, before leaving with Mark.

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