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   Chapter 185 You Have Ruined My Life

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8988

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Confusion and disbelief engulfed Emily body, knocking all other thoughts aside. She couldn't understand why Debby would rush out to protect Tina.

'Was mom trying to save Tina? But, I'm her daughter. Why did she want to protect Tina instead of me? Why?' thought Emily, feeling heart-broken and rejected.

Gangster A did not care about Debby's claims. He ordered in a cold tone,"Take them all away!"

In the end, Emily, Tina and Debby were all dragged into a black car. Desperate, Emily and Debby tried to scream for help, but the kidnappers had covered their mouths with tapes. They couldn't utter any words, their screaming stifled.

Even in despair, Emily wanted to ask Debby why she was protecting Tina, but unfortunately, she had lost that privilege because of the tape on her mouth. Emily could only lay her inquisitive eyes on Debby, as she looked her with shock and puzzlement.

Debby, however, was too guilty to look back into Emily's eyes.

Debby could no longer deny that at that critical moment, she only cared about Tina who was her own flesh and blood... Having convinced herself otherwise, Debby's guilt was cut short when she remembered that Emily was not her real child.

After a long time on the road, the car finally came to a stop.

The kidnappers took the three of them to a dark, damp basement. Not long after, a man with a scar on his face came in. He limped heavily as he walked towards them, while his gloomy eyes fell on Tina, who was lying unconscious.

"Tina, I bet you never thought you would fall into my hands one day, right?" said the man, whose name was Lay. He kicked Tina without pity, but to his disappointment, she did not wake up. Perhaps the dosage of the injection was too strong.

Lay used to be a skilled surgeon who had specialized in removing scars and plastic surgery. Perhaps it was his misfortune or just plain coincidence, that he was employed by Mark to treat the scars on Tina's body. At first, he saw the work as not only a high-paying job, but also as an opportunity to gain favor with the Tao clan. However, he didn't expect that it would ruin his entire life.

Needless to say, Tina cared a great deal about her appearance. She wanted him to remove her scars as soon as possible, but her skin was so severely damaged that he couldn't perform the surgery on her in a short time. When he revealed the truth to Tina, that such an intricate surgery would take a long time to fully repair her scars, Tina got angry, thinking that he was a quack doctor who had fooled her.

However, the worst was yet to come. If Tina had only cursed at him and kicked him out of her house, he would have appreciated her from the bottom of


"Bah!" Tina sat up slowly with great effort, and then she said in a disdainful tone,"You son of a bitch! Bastard! I have never seen guy as ugly as you."

Lay was offended by the disdainful look of Tina. Even in despair, she looked at him as if he were an insect.

Suddenly, Lay's heart was filled with hatred for Tina, as he said,"Keep on shouting as loudly as you like, young lady. But I am going to make your life a living hell."

"Don't you dare raise a hand to me! I'm Lady Tina of the Tao clan! If you hurt me, my brother will kill you. And your family... They all deserve to die!" said Tina in a vicious voice.

Profoundly disgruntled by her words, Lay's hand cracked across her face like a thunder, snapping her head back with the force of his blow. Lay glared at her, his black eyes drilling into hers. His eyes were so dark that it felt like she was looking into an endless stretch of the midnight sky. Lay wanted to strangle her, with every fibre of his being, for all the suffering he had subjected him to. "You're still so imprudent. But it doesn't matter. Soon someone will teach you a lesson!" he said.

"I will kill you!" yelled Tina. Having been slapped by two people in one day, Tina had surpassed her regular threshold of tolerance. Furious, she had been driven to the absolute edge. She turned around to the kidnappers and said,"You kidnappers! How much did he pay you? I will give you double of what he's paying you... No, triple! Just as long as you kill him!"

Right then, a drop of sweat trickled from Lay's forehead, as he started to worry about the loyalty of the goons he had hired. After all, they were just hired guns, and the only thing they cared about was money. If they turned the gun around, he would end up losing both his life and his money.

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