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   Chapter 184 Only Bitch Starts Trouble

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8099

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"Emily..." said Debby, as she felt uncomfortable when Emily looked at her with disappointment. When she was about to say something, Emily interrupted her and said,"Come on, mom! Eat up or the food will get cold. I just need to pop out for a while. Wait here for me. Don't go anywhere."

The reason why Emily said that wasn't entirely because she didn't want to continue the meaningless conversation with Debby, but because she also noticed Tina standing outside the french window, with a hostile expression on her face.

'What does this woman want now?' Emily thought.

Emily had grown tired of Tina's incessant pestering. She and Debby weren't having their meals in a private room, so with other people around, Emily wasn't worried that Tina would hurt her.

However, she couldn't stop wondering what atrocious tricks Tina had set aside for them. Emily didn't think that it was a coincidence that she ran into Tina twice today.

Emily decided to find out what Tina's intentions were, so she got up and walked out.

What she didn't notice was that Debby had seen Tina as well. Debby, however, wondered what she should do and pretended like she hadn't seen Tina, as she carried on enjoying her meal. 'Emily and Tina don't get along at all. I wonder if they're going to have an argument again?' Debby wondered.

Caught in between two daughters, Debby couldn't tell who she was more worried about, Emily or Tina. After brief consideration, she gritted her teeth and decided to go after Emily.

"What the hell do you want, Tina?" said Emily, as she looked at the arrogant woman standing in front her with contempt. It was such a pity, because within that beautiful appearance lay a vicious, black heart. Like a snake, you couldn't tell when she would jump up to bite you.

"What do I want?" said Tina.

Strangely enough, even Tina didn't know what she wanted to do. Besides, it's not like she could harm this woman publicly. Tina was just so spiteful, that she she couldn't even stand to watch them enjoy their meal with pleasure, especially Emily.

"Oh please! Get off your high horse. Did you forget about the day you knelt at my feet and polished my shoes? I didn't. You looked like a pathetic dog that day. No, even a dog looks better than you..."

"Pah!" Tina was rudely interrupted by a tight slap to the face. Emily couldn't put up with Tina's chattering so she cut her off abruptly with the palm of her

herself. "Listen, guys! I am really not Miss Tao! Trust me! I don't care what you do to her, but I'm not the one you're looking for..."

But before she could finish her words, she heard a familiar voice echoing in the distance.

"Emily! My daughter..." Debby finally rushed out to help. Although, she was afraid, she proceeded without hesitation like a mother would be expected to do.

Terrified, Emily immediately cried out,"Mom! Run! It's not safe here! Get away from here!"

How could she put her mother in danger again!

However, it was too late. These masked gangsters had already caught sight of Debby.

Debby, however, disregarded everything Emily had said and ran straight to them, and... held Tina who had lost consciousness.

"Please! Please don't take her! My Emily didn't do anything wrong. Please! She is my daughter. She is not the Miss Tao you want. Please let her go! Please!" Debby pleaded. Almost instantaneously, Debby's eyes turned watery. She wept and begged the gangsters.

Gangster A, who was merciless, impatiently kicked her. Debby instantly fell on the ground and cried out,"Ahhh."

However, she kept begging for mercy, she implored,"Please let my daughter go! Take me instead..."

Emily stared at Debby in disbelief. It was as if the world around her had vanished and the expression on her face went blank, all of a sudden. The life in her eyes faded slowly until the iris merged with the whites, a chalk-coloured froth clouding her mouth until she fell into the ever-consuming darkness below her. All the words in her mind blended into one singular question:


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