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   Chapter 183 She Is A Psycho

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Emily's mother was just an ordinary person from Haicheng City. More often than not, she wouldn't have the money to spend on luxury items. When she walked past all the displayed items at the store, her eyes glistened at the sight of the glamorous and expensive jewelries.

What woman did not like jewelry?

"Emily, these must be expensive?" she asked. Emily's mother seemed to be a little hesitant, but her eyes had been fixated on a delicate bracelet.

Emily noticed that and had the bracelet taken out. "Some of them are expensive, while some are affordable," she said to her mother.

What Emily said was partially true. At first, the main products of the LA were affordable luxury items. Soon with the development of their affordable products, LA began to expand their market to high grade luxury items. But they still gained to favor of the petty bourgeoisie.

Although the jewelries worth of tens of millions in the counter were not affordable for her, Emily had enough money for the affordable luxury jewelries, like the bracelet her mother had been eyeing, worth seventy to eighty thousand.

Emily understood jewelry well. The quality of this bracelet looked good, and the design was novel and unique. This bracelet was the work of an intelligent designer who worked under her at the LA Company. It was the only piece in the whole of Jingshi City. "Mom, try this one," said Emily.

For Emily, her mother's choice was what mattered to her the most.

Emily's mother couldn't hide her desire for this bracelet. She finally tried the bracelet on, and ever since, she just couldn't bear to take it off.

After careful consideration, she stopped caring whether it was Emily's money or Jacob's money. Especially if it were Jacob's money, so what? It wasn't unreasonable for Emily to spend a little of Jacob's money on her mother, after all, Jacob wasn't exactly going to run short on cash any time soon. Besides, more than anything else, it was she who had raised Emily for so many years.

Those thoughts had convinced her at last.

"We can purchase it if you want to," Emily said. An inkling of tenderness flashed in the eyes of Emily. In her childhood, her mother was the one who had treated her well. Every time Emily's father would beat and scold her, her mother would come to her defense. It was her mother who cared for her and comforted her when she needed someone...

Although, sometimes, Emily's mother would give her the cold shoulder and shut her out, whenever her mother wo

hint of indifference flashed in her eyes. "I broke up with him a long time ago. We are just not for each other," she answered.

"I think he is good for you. He is handsome and rich, and he used to treat you good. What a pity that you are not together anymore..." she said to Emily. The real intention of Emily's mother, behind mentioning this was that she wanted Jacob and Emily to break up, but she did not speak up directly. She intended to achieve her goals in an indirect manner.

Emily understood what was going on. Disappointed, she looked at her mother for a while and sighed with profound resignation. "Mom, I know what you're doing. Why can't you just accept that fact that Jacob and I are together?"

Guilt-ridden, Debby's eyes wandered around, avoiding Emily's eyes. "I care about your well-being. I don't think he is the right man for you. Marriage is not a joke. Trust me, Emily. You'd better take my advice..."

"Really?" asked Emily, but didn't believe what her mother had said. Should a good mother not bless her daughter upon learning that her daughter had found an excellent partner?

"Yeah! Of course..." replied Debby.

Emily didn't speak for a while. She knew that her mother was lying, but she had no idea why her mother was lying. What was Emily's mother going to gain from their separation?

Everyone in this world, including your own mother, has his or her own agenda and will inevitably be selfish.

However, Jacob was different.

Jacob would never use her to achieve his own goals. He liked her for who she really was and treated her with unconditional love.

Emily was incredibly lucky to have found the love of her life!

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