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   Chapter 182 DNA Test

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Hiding herself behind the stone wall of the yard, Debby peeked from behind, trying to see what was happening in the yard. She was caught by confusion, when she noticed the odd interaction between Mark and Tina. However, her state of stupefaction was soon interrupted when Mark's inquisitive voice resonated in her ears.

"Who's there?" asked Mark.

Debby had always been intimidated by rich and powerful people. As soon as she heard Mark's voice, she was instantly overwhelmed with so much fear that she quickly ran away.

Tina turned her sights to where Mark was looking, but when she found that there was nothing out of the ordinary, she felt disappointed and walked back into the mansion.

Her brother, Mark, however, didn't follow Tina into the house. Instead, he walked towards the wall, ruminatively.

In the next few days, Debby sneaked in again around the mansion a few more times. When she found out Tina was living a luxurious life, her heart swelled up with pride.

As an ordinary woman, Debby never dared to dream that she could live such a comfortable life. However, when she realized that her daughter, who was now one of the wealthiest girls in Jingshi City, had everything that her birth mother could not enjoy, Debby's heart gladdened.

Debby became more convinced that she had made the right choice to change her own daughter with the baby of Tao family.

However, unknown to Debby, Mark was already keeping a watchful eye on her after he had caught her sneaking around the outer walls of the mansion. At first, Mark just kept alert in case Debby would do ill to Tina, but as time went by, he found that there was definitely more to it than met the eye.

For instance, one day, a box suddenly appeared at the door of Tina's mansion. Inside the box was a handmade sweater in pure white, made by high-quality wool. And its style and size fitted Tina perfectly. Although it was just a common sweater compared to her own expensive coats, for an ordinary white-collar worker, it might have been worth several months of wages.

Having realized that the sweater was made by Debby, Mark felt that things had gone from strange to down-right ridiculous.

Just as he had expected, Tina refused to put on the sweater and asked the servants to burn it as if it were just trash.

Soon after, Tina completely dismissed the sweater from her mind. However, Mark didn't, because when it came to Tina, he spared no details. So, one day, he called his secretary into his study for a task.

"Last time we met, I told you to carry out some investigation on that woman. How's it going?" asked Mark.

The secretary realized at once that Mark was aski

ked, with an excited look on her face.

"Of course," Emily nodded.

Debby paused for a while, and reminded her daughter,"Emily, you should be more careful about how you spend your money. If you randomly spend Jacob's money, will he not get angry at you? As a girl, you should never depend on a man; otherwise, he will look down upon you. You should look at the both of you as two different individuals, coming from two different worlds..."

Emily shrugged and interrupted her mother,"Mom, what are you talking about? It's my own money. And these jewelries are goods produced by our company. I can get them at a good discount."

Emily took Debby's arm and walked into the store with her, assuringly.

"Good morning, Ms. Emily," said the salesgirl, as she recognized Emily at once and greeted her with a smile. Then she continued,"What brings you here today? For visitation?"

"Good morning," Emily nodded, smiling at the salesgirls, and then she continued in a soft voice,"No, I am shopping with my mother today."

Immediately, the salesgirl nodded at Emily. With a smile on her face, she turned to Emily's mother and said,"I see. Good morning, madam. We are the No.1 retail outlet of LA Company in Jingshi City. We have newest and most popular jewelries here. May I show them to you?"

"Thank you, but I will show them to my mother. I know you are busy," said Emily.

"Okay, Ms. Emily. Have a nice day."

"Thank you," Emily nodded. After the salesgirl walked away, Emily showed her mother around the store in a casual manner, as if she were at her own home.

The eyes of Emily's mother dazzled as she walked past some of the most beautiful and elegant jewelries she had ever laid eyes upon. How she wished she could bring them all back home with her.

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