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   Chapter 181 How Cute His Sister Was!

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When Emily saw Jacob at the doorway of the house, her eyes lit up with joy. She stood up, and walked straight towards him. "Jacob, you're here. I was just chatting with my mother," she said.

Clearly, Emily had no intentions of carrying on with the conversation with her mother, so Jacob did not bother to ask her again. "Oh, really?" he said.

"Yeah, that's true," said Mrs. Bai. Her mother smiled at Jacob obsequiously, and said,"Since Mr. Jacob is here. Why don't we have dinner together?"

Jacob nodded to her words. His expression was quite neutral, since he didn't look angry but he also didn't look pleased.

Andrew assumed that Jacob would not mistreat them in front of Emily, so he gathered the courage to finally have a conversation with Jacob. What an honor!

Just when Emily went into the kitchen to fetch a few things, Jacob's face suddenly went cold, as he looked at Emily's parents with a pair of dark eyes. His eyes pierced through their souls with contempt, instead of anger.

"So? I heard that you guys are not happy with the fact that Emily is with me?" he asked.

They weren't expecting Jacob to change his face so quickly. Their heart trembled with anxiousness, shocked by the coldness at the bottom of Jacob's eyes.

"No, of course not! Mr. Jacob you are an outstanding man. How could we be dissatisfied with you? I am afraid that our daughter, Emily is not good enough for you..." Mr. Bai said.

"I don't care what your true intentions are," Jacob said, as he glared at them, emotionlessly. Every word that came out of his mouth pierced their heart as he said,"Don't try to do anything foolish under my nose. Emily is the only one for me. You'd best not interfere in our matters."

Emily's parents finally felt the full weight of Jacob's words, as it seemed like his words were choking them. It wasn't until Emily came back to the table that they were able to breath freely again. Only then did the atmosphere around them became tolerable.

"Let's eat. What are you all waiting for?" Emily asked. Emily had sensed that something was wrong, but she didn't want to pester anyone. She was just glad that everyone was still seated at the table.

Jacob picked up his chopsticks and put a piece of fish in Emily's bowl. "Try this," he said.

His expression was so soft that he looked nothing like the man who threatened them just a few minutes ago. Emily's parents were shocked at the scene.

'Is Jacob... really into Emily?'


Days passed by peacefully. Jacob had learnt his lesson, so he

. They could tolerate any kind of atrocity committed by the ones they loved, no matter how deplorable or contemptuous. Whatever Tina did, no matter how disgraceful or unforgivable, Mark could never see the fault in her actions.

Looking at the girl, stomping on snow, Mark casually walked over to her and covered her with a thick, fur coat. With tenderness in his voice, he asked,"Aren't you cold?"

"Just a little," Tina answered, and turned around to face Mark. Coincidentally, that was what Mark wanted. He immediately held her into his arms.

Tina deliberately put her cold hand on Mark's collarbone. When she realized that Mark was shivering because of the sudden coldness, she put a smile on her lips as if she succeed in doing something naughty. "Are you cold?" she teased him.

Mark gazed into her eyes silently. He did not answer her, instead, he asked,"Are you warm?"

"I am," replied Tina.

Mark took her hand and placed it near his heart. "It's hotter here," he said.

"What? Do you think you are a stove?" she asked mockingly. Tina could not hold her laughter. She did not realize her brother's trick, as she pulled her hand back without hesitation.

All of a sudden, Mark felt like there was something missing in his heart. He stared at her with a smiling face, and said to her with full affection,"It is whatever you want it to be."

Look, how cute his sister was.

This was the real Tina. Unfortunately, every time she encountered Jacob, she would radically transform into something monstrous.

However, in Mark's eyes, whatever Tina did, she was always the perfect girl to him. 'Is Jacob blind or something? How can he not like her?' Mark told himself.

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