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   Chapter 177 You Tick Me Off

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"That is ridiculous," Tina sneered. Being a proud woman, she would never allow others to threaten her. "If you want to do that, I'll break his arm first," she said.

Jacob sneered back,"So you want to risk your brother's life for it? You can go ahead and do it. If you break his arm, I will break Mark Tao's leg. Oh, I guess it would be very interesting if the president of the Tao Consortium became a cripple, wouldn't it?"

"Shut up!" Compared with Jacob's calmness, Tina has obviously become a little anxious. She shouted,"This low lying scum can't be mentioned in the same breath as my brother! Even his life cannot hold a candle to one of my brother's hair!"

Jacob lost his patience and said,"I told you. 30 seconds, set them free."

Tina's face showed nothing but coldness. Standing still, she felt all the hatred overwhelming her.

'If I kill Emily's parents, it will hurt so much that Emily is gonna wish she was dead.' thinking about this, Tina felt extremely excited... But Jacob had her brother.

A voice inside her heart told her that she didn't need to worry about it, because her brother was powerful enough that he could definitely protect himself, and that all he wanted was to make her happy. She could just do anything to her satisfaction!

Tina became silent for a while. And during that long silence, gazing at the hesitant Tina, Mark felt pain in his chest.

"Well, it seems that you mean nothing to you sister," Jacob provoked Tina. Without any hesitation, he snatched a gun from his subordinate, pointed it toward Mark and slowly pulled the trigger.

"Stop!" Tina screamed. Her heart skipped a beat when Jacob did that. Lucky for her, Jacob stopped.

"What? You changed your mind?"

Tina's face was gloomy, and said slowly,"Let's set them free at the same time."

Some emotion faintly flashed in Mark's eyes. He murmured,"Tina..."

He had become disappointed when Tina hesitated, and as a result, he had made preparations in his head to escape by himself. Anyway, it was not going to be easy for Jacob to shoot him. But to his surprise, Tina finally chose to protect him, inst

If you came earlier, would we have suffered from all of this? !"

Taking her mother's arm, Emily bit her lips and said,"Dad, I didn't know that you..."

Andrew did not let her finish. "If that man didn't come to our home and told us that you were ill, do you think that we would even be here today? You are not filial at all." Andrew did suffer from lots of torment, the beating, the hunger, the emotional and mental distress. So he naturally poured all of his anger onto Emily, like what he had been doing in the past years.

Debby grabbed his arm,"Andrew, stop it."

"I'm her father, and she's my daughter. Now I can't blame her?" Andrew still wanted to complain, but Jacob stepped forward and cast a cold glance at him, which scared him and he quickly shut up.

"We should leave this place first," Emily said.

Jacob insisted that Emily should take the same car with him and asked her parents to take another. The latter dared not say a word. But after getting in the car, Emily complained mildly,"Jacob, could you please show some respect to my parents? They are my dad and mom anyway."

"So? You want to blame me?" Jacob raised his eyebrow and smiled coldly,"I don't blame you for what you did, and now you blame me."

"What did I do?" At first she didn't understand, but soon she did. Jacob just said coldly,"Play dumb, huh?" And then he turned around, looking away from her.

'Is he mad?'

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