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   Chapter 174 I Am Your Birth Father

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After the car reached its destination, two strong guards dragged Andrew and his wife off the car and forced the couple to walk into an abandoned warehouse.

Although abandoned for years, the warehouse, which was belonged to Tao family, had been carefully cleaned by Tina's guards when they learned that Tina would be here today. The moment Andrew and his wife, who both dressed like beggars, walked into the warehouse, they felt awkward and abashed.

"Why are you so late?" asked a lady, sitting in a leather?couch, as she stretched her arms lazily. It was Tina, who dressed luxuriously, in a pure white fox fur coat, oozing glamour and elegance.

Behind Tina stood several bodyguards sent by Mark, her brother. Standing in a row, clad in black, these men all had guns strapped to their waist, which made them look even more intimidating.

Behind the couch stood several bodyguards sent by Tina's brother. Dressed in black and standing in a row, these strong men all had guns strapped to their waist, which made them look more terrifying. Mark wanted to accompany Tina, but she refused to have him with her despite his wishes. In the end, Mark decided to send several of his reliable bodyguards to follow and protect Tina.

"Miss Tina, they attempted to run away on the way, and it took us some time to catch them," explained one man, cautiously, seeing the disappointment in Tina's eyes.

To his relief, Tina didn't care much about his words. Instead, she gave all her attention to Andrew and Debby as she asked,"Well, you wanted to run away? How dare you!"

Her words fed the man's arrogance, as he kicked the couple to their knees, causing them to whimper before they fell at Tina's feet.

Stunned and astonished, Debby raised her head and stared at Tina. The inherently noble temperament of the girl before her eyes made Debby realize that no one could be so elegant and narcissistic if they were not born into a noble family.

'She...She is my daughter...' cried Debby inwardly.

'Compared to her, we were nothing at all.'

However, Debby's thoughts were interrupted as Tina's voice, full of disgust, came into her ears,"The two of you look like you hadn't showered in years."

Tina's contemptuous words made Debby feel inferior; she wanted to bury her head in the sand.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Tina asked with disgust in her eyes, as she noticed Debby looking back at her with tender, self-abasement and shame, and she continued," Wow! Don't tell me that you really care about the person who tortures and insults you."

A guard, who also noticed Debby's strange expression, chipped in,"Perhaps she has Stockholm syndrome."


warehouse. With a loud bang, the bullet soon found its way to the ground near Andrew's feet.

At this point, Andrew could not keep his calm any longer. As his face turned pale with fear, he couldn't control his nerves and started to tremble.

With the bullet being so close to his leg, Andrew's mind went totally blank.

Debby was frightened too, but she dared not to say a single word.

Spinning the gun in her hand, satisfied, Tina showed a smile and said,"My brother gave this to me. It's one of my favourites."

The guards standing behind Tina thought, 'You probably don't know, but this gun was made specifically for you. The stock was laminated wood with water resistant adhesive, making it stronger and less likely to warp. The trigger mechanism had been taken apart and polished for a smoother release. Your brother had the gun made to order and there is only one piece in the world. What a priceless gift!'

Anyone who saw the gun could feel Mark's deep love for his dear sister.

The arrogance in Tina's face, made Andrew boil up with fiery anger from within!

However, keeping his anger at bay, Andrew dared not to do anything, because he, as well as his wife, felt extremely intimidated by the beautiful girl in front of him, even though she was their own daughter.

They both felt panic and bewildered because they suddenly realized that they could not control the young girl at all.

All of a sudden, the both of them contemplated and appreciated Emily for being the person she was. Now they finally learned to appreciate Emily's kindness, as they realized that she was the daughter who always obeyed them and treated them with respect.

However, the truth was hard to swallow, as Tina was actually their daughter, not the obedient girl Emily.

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