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   Chapter 173 Who Do You Think Is Dying

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8856

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For several days Emily's parents were yielded prisoners. They were fed once a day by Tina's thugs, but the portions were just enough to keep them barely alive. Moreover, the house was as cold as the North Pole. If it wasn't for those dirty blankets that they found in the house, they would surely freeze to death.

Every day was miserable, since it was just starving and freezing all day. It was too much to bear for anyone and death was hiding at the next door.

At the same time, Emily was returning to Haicheng City. When she was finally at home, on the table in the kitchen she found a DVD she had never seen before. So, she took the DVD and played the video on her computer. When the video started, she felt a cold thrill on her back, her face was completely terrified.

The monitor showed two people sitting down on the floor. They were wearing some dirty rag; their hairs were scruffy and untied; their arms, legs, and face brought signs of starvation and pain. It was a terrible scene. The camera moved around the house, with no one speaking. The place was at least as filthy and messy as them: the walls and roof were covered with musk, the wooden carpet was devoured by woodworms, and the whole room filled with a thin mist. They were probably freezing, in fact they shrank in the corner shivering, sometimes hugging each other. They looked miserable and pathetic...

Even though the video was not of best quality, Emily soon recognized those two as her parents!

She panicked, and her mind wasn't still anymore. Then she saw that at the bottom there was a phone number. She dialed and waited for an answer.

Soon enough, a woman's voice picked up the phone,"Is there Emily? I guess you have seen the video."

That voice was familiar. Emily gritted her teeth and trembled with rage and pain. She shouted out word by word,"Tina, why do you have my parents? If you have any problem, then it is just between you and me. Leave them out of this story!"

Tears fell down her face. She couldn't believe that her parents were dying. They were all her world. If they would die in this way, right now, she would never be the same again. Her poor heart wouldn't survive as well.

Tina felt the terror in Emily's voice. She laughed delightedly,"Yes. I have them. Emily, mark my words. Your parents are rubbish like you are! They gave you birth and for this they need to pay! That's all you deserve, to be treated like rubbish!"

"Tina!" Emily squeezed the phone as she wanted to broke it in pieces. She said nervously,"What the hell do you want? ..."

"Oh, there are a lot of things that I want." Tina sounded calm and happy,"But let's t

ce became thoughtful and excited,"So, the boss of the Tao clan... Did he have only one daughter, Miss Tina, right?

"She also has a brother... But why do you ask all this stuff? Shut up now!" The guy turned his face at the front and stopped answering her questions.

Emily's mother felt as if she was struck by a thunder. She would never have imagined to end up in this situation. The person that tortured them in these days... was...was...

Emily's father looked at his wife's face, and after a couple of seconds he finally came to himself and understood what she was thinking about. He could no longer stay quiet,"I assure you. You better let us go. The sooner, the better! Otherwise, I would not let you and the Tao family get away with it!"

The guards burst out in a vigorous laugh,"You are dying, old man! That arrogance will not help you!"

"Who do you think is dying?" After he understood what the true identity of Tina was, he spoke as if that was his guarantee to get rid of those two,"Do you have any idea who I really am..."

Emily's mother was afraid that her husband would reveal the secret. But that was not the right moment to do so, thus she cut in immediately,"Don't be ridiculous!"

"I didn't say anything wrong! How can you let them treat us in this way? We must stand up! They have to know that their Miss Tina is our... Hum..."

Fortunately, the guard sealed his mouth with tapes, so that he could not talk anymore. The secret was still safe.

Emily's mother breathed a sigh of relief. She bent forward to the guard and said,"Please forgive my husband. He hasn't eaten for a long time and now he is talking nonsense now. Please do not take it seriously..."

The guard did not care to speak and just kept looking at the front.

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