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   Chapter 172 Until Her Death

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7154

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"If you want your revenge, go for Emily! Why us? Go and find her! Emily never cared about us !" Andrew's face darken. He turned around to Debby and yelled,"This is your fault! It's all because of you spoiling Emily! Look at this! Emily is the one who messed up! Why should we suffer from it?"

Full of tears, Debby cupped her swollen face with her hand and said in a shaky voice to Tina,"We never did anything to harm you and we really do not know what happened between you and Emily. Please, set us free and I will have Emily apologize for what she has done to you."

Tina sneered. "An apology is never enough to make up for what she has done to me..." She smiled grimly with eyes full of hatred and continued,"I'll never stop until I get my revenge. Until I squeeze the life out of her eyes!"

Tina looked so much like a viper at this moment which frightened the old couple more.

"Here. This is your food," said Tina. She slightly lifted her foot and pointed to a barrel of leftover food with her delicate toe.

Andrew stared at Tina with surprise and yelled,"How could you let us eat this! Don't push us too far! "

"I see. So, you don't want to eat it? Okay then." "Let's go," said Tina. She did not push them anymore but signaled her henchmen to take the leftovers away.

Seeing Tina leaving, the Bais could not help worrying that once she left, they might starve if not given any food for a long time.

"Don't leave! Please stop!" Emily's parent screamed out loud.

But no matter how much they begged, no one gave a response and the door was slammed shut then.

Andrew felt so angry and could not help bemoaning,"This is all Emily's fault! Now, this damned place might be where we are gonna die!"

Debby also agreed and resented Emily in her mind and replied," God knows when and how Emily would come to save us."

Andrew could not help interrupting Debby and said,"Save us? You are dreaming! I've told you that she could never become our real daughter but you insisted on taking her and raising her up! We should have ended her life from the start, which would have been a much better ending for us all."


Debby dashed on all force to the half bun like a starving zombie who had spotted its victim. But before she could grab it, her hand was trampled underfoot by Tina.

"Don't rush. Take it slowly," said Tina. Tina continued to trample on the bun and left a clear footprint on it.

"I don't care, just give it to me!" yelled Debby. Debby could not care much for the dirty half bun as she was close to starving to death.

Once Tina moved her shoe away, Debby immediately grabbed the bun and swallowed it all.

Tina felt so ecstatic seeing the couple, robbed of their pride and dignity.

'Emily, your whole family are just the same low-lying creatures and only deserve to crawl under my feet, ' Tina thought.

"Jerks! You all are jerks!" cried Tina. An evil smile appeared in Tina's eyes as if something interesting occurred in her mind. Tina could not help talking to herself,"I really hope to see Emily's reaction."

'It must be the most satisfying thing.'

Meanwhile at the Tao Consortium, a subordinate was reporting the situation to Mark,"Mr. Mark, I have done what you said and Miss Tina... was very happy. "

"Really?" asked Mark. Mark looked up and finally his expression turned from gloomy to bright. He slightly smiled and said,"Send more people to protect Tina but don't let her know. And if anything happens to her or Jacob does something unusual, keep me informed immediately."

"Got it, Mr. Mark."

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