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   Chapter 171 What A Shrew

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Eventually, Jack announced the breaking off of his engagement to Rose. It seemed that he didn't care about how this would affect his prestige. He didn't conceal the fact that Rose had an abortion, and he didn't even care when others denounced him as inhumane.

Seeing Rose come to such a bad end, people couldn't help feeling sorry for her,"Rose is a woman who fell from heaven and straight to hell. Love among the rich is as transient as a fleeting cloud. You cannot rely much on it."

Jack made the decision without telling anyone, so not surprisingly, he was asked for an explanation by Mr. Gu. But Jack already made up an excuse.

"How could she marry into this house and be my wife when she couldn't even protect our descendants?"

Mr. Gu eventually left this matter alone and did not pursue further. He also turned a blind eye to the ongoing fight between Jack and Jacob.

It was only after Jack left that Mr. Gu suddenly became seriously ill. Given this, trouble was brewing for the members of the Gu family.

"He is absolutely mad for more power and status!" Jacob sneered as he listened to his subordinate's report in his office. His eyes turned to dark and deep as if he had countless worries in his mind.

Jack must have something to do with Mr. Gu's sudden illness.

Did he think that by doing this, he could obtain power and protect his interests easily? That was ridiculous!

Jacob's subordinate asked tentatively,"Sir, should we..." He didn't finish his words, but the meaning was self-evident.

Jacob tapped on the desk and sneered dismissively,"Keep monitoring him. I would like to see what kind of tricks he is playing."


At the same time in Haicheng City.

Andrew and Debby were a bit tense as they looked at the young man in a business suit sitting in front of them in their house.

"Uncle and Auntie, don't be so nervous. My name is Paul. I'm a friend of Emily. I'm here because Chinese New Year is around the corner. Emily asked me to fetch you two and come with me to Jingshi City, so that you can spend the new year together. The young man was lying about his name. It wasn't Paul. He wore a genial smile and talked to them politely and gently, which made himself endearing and felt familiar. In addition, he chatted with them for a while, so Emily's parents were gradually off their guard.

"Oh, I see." Debby said as she discreetly looked over the man,"You've said that you are Emily's friend. Are you her boyfriend?"

"Not yet," said the man without letting down his smile.

Debby and Andrew looked at each other and came to understand that this young man failed to capture their daughter's heart, so he came here to charm his way

waiting for him to finish his words,"There's no need to do that, and anyway, they deserve to stay in this kind of place."

Andrew became angrier hearing what Tina said. He finally could not bear to hear any more. "I can't believe that such a young girl would say something like that! I'm surprised by your vicious heart beneath your pretty face!"

Tina turned to him with a serious expression but did not say a word. She sneered and clapped her hands. Then, several strong men in black walked in and grabbed Debby and Andrew.

"Smack them on their mouths" ordered Tina.

The strong men complied and smacked Debby and Andrew instantly.

Debby and Andrew had not eaten anything for a few days, so they could not fight back. They were smacked black and blue, crying and cursing at the men.

Tina coldly watched for a short while then stopped the strong men. "Bring it in," said Tina.

Then, someone brought a bucket of smelly leftovers from the house. The smell of the leftovers was so disgusting that Tina took a few steps back as she smelled the odor, covering her mouth and nose.

Debby and Andrew were thrown onto the ground, facing the dirty bucket.

"What on earth do you want?" asked Andrew helplessly through his breath. Although he was infuriated, he could not do anything, given that they were outnumbered.

"What do I want? I haven't thought about it yet." Tina said so as she looked at them insolently. Her face turned wicked as she gave an evil smile. "Don't you know why you are treated this way? Let me tell you," said Tina.

"It's because you have a good daughter. Too good. She stole many things from me and made me unhappy,"

Tina continued,"but I cannot hurt her, so I will just hurt you. After all, you two are the people she cares about the most."

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