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   Chapter 168 I Broke The Rules Because Of You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6073

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Finally, David stepped into the room quietly, his heart beating fast. He held his breath and looked at the bed--

No one was there.

"Rita?" David called her again and again. He ran to the balcony, then to the bathroom, but Rita was nowhere to be found, nor was the baby. "Hello? Is anyone here? Doctor! Where is she? Rita, the woman who just gave birth here? !"

The doctors and nurses on duty that night approached David, seeing him looking distressed. No sign of Rita and her baby, they all exchanged puzzled looks. "They...they were here. Not too long ago. Maybe they are taking a walk outside..."

"A walk? Are you kidding me? She just delivered a baby!" David almost shouted.

"Sir, please..." It was already terrible enough for the hospital to have a missing patient and her baby, not to say the now, missing patient was connected to a high profile family. Everyone in the room stood still without saying a word.

"Why are you all standing there? Go and find her!" David roared at them. "Or I will tear down this pathetic hospital!

You don't want to get into any trouble, do you?" He knocked over a few folders from a nurse's hand.

The hospital sent out as many staff members as they could to find Rita. They searched the entire hospital, but no one could find her. Even surveillance cameras could not help. She just disappeared.

"Tell me, who brought her here?" David suddenly asked, grabbing the collar of a doctor. He was on the edge of an emotional outburst.

"It was a Mr. Gu and a Ms. Bai. I remember. They came together. Maybe...Maybe they took her with them when they left." The doctor was glad that he was able to think of this possibility. There was a big chance that David would throw him against the wall if he did not provide an answer.

'Mr. Gu and Ms. Bai?

Wasn't that Jac

City to find Rita and the baby.

Emily was relieved when David left. "Don't you think we went a bit too far?"

Jacob smiled at her,"You're the one who asked me to lie. You should feel bad, not me."

"Well, that's true..." Emily bit her lips. "He did believe us, though. Why?"

"Because he doesn't really doubt me." Jacob replied.

"But why?"

"He knows that I'm too bored to lie. That's not what excites me."

Emily prodded no further. "Fine."

"Speaking of which, I did lie to my friend today thanks to you." Jacob held Emily's face and gently pinched her nose. "I want my reward."

Emily was so familiar with this tone. She climbed two steps on the stairs, higher than Jacob and kissed him from above. This always worked.

But Jacob wasn't that easy to please this time. "You think only one kiss is enough?" He asked with a evil smile,"Who do you think I am?"

Jacob suddenly bent down and carried Emily on the shoulder, then he carried her toward the bedroom while Emily fought against his strong arms.

"Let me down... hmm..."

Jacob threw her on the bed and climbed on her, pushing her against the sheets and kissed her fiercely. 'My sweet girl, Don't try to get away from me...'

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