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   Chapter 167 You Have Changed

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Both women closed their mouths perfectly at the same time.

The jealous nurse began to clean Emily's wound with an antiseptic, dressing it in a rough manner. She hated being the one to care for Emily.

Although the wound was small, Emily could not help but frown, noticing that she was being treated such rudely. However, she bore the pain in silence instead of calling her out. It was no use losing her temper over this little rat.

"Have you actually ever had any training in nursing? You're so unprofessional!" It was Jacob who couldn't stand to watch. The nurse was shocked by the cold questioning voice of Jacob.

To be put in her place like that, she bit her lips and looked at Jacob, feeling aggrieved, as she said,"Sir… I…"

Jacob raised an impatient eyebrow with a grim expression in his eyes. "Since you can't do it well, get out!" he snapped.

When the nurse heard Jacob's unfriendly words, she immediately forgot the prejudices against Emily and started to explain,"I can…"

"I said, get out of here!"

The nurse froze up for a second, her face turning red. Then she ran out of the room sobbing, with eyes full of tears.

Emily craned her neck to see the nurse's receding figure, then glanced at Jacob and said,"Look what you've done. you scared her and made her cry!"

"It serves her right," said Jacob in a cold tone, his anger hadn't completely dissipated.

"Well, you've driven the nurse away. Who's going to deal with my wound now?" asked Emily raising one eyebrow at her boyfriend.

"Well... me. I can do it for you." Jacob sat down beside Emily, set up the tray and gently cleaned Emily's wound with a cotton ball soaked in disinfectant. Then he applied medicine on her wound.

Jacob treated Emily with all tenderness. His movements were very light, and he looked as if he was doing the most important thing in the world.

Emily's eyes grew softer, resting her chin on her good hand, as she gazed at the man in front of her. Although it was winter, her heart was filled with warmth, as if she was bathing in the warm spring sunshine.


On the other side of Jingshi City, David was seeing Nora off at the airport.

Nora was crying in David's arms. David quietly held her for a while, then slowly pushed her away.

"Nora, you've missed your flight. Don't miss it again." said David.

Nora was supposed to take the previous flight back to M country, but before it was time to board the plane, she turned around and came back. This led to her missing the flight. David had to book the next flight for her.

"David, I don't want to go..." Nora's eyes had become swollen from crying, just like a little rabbit, which made David feel sorry for her. She asked in a choked voice,"Does

here a big pool of blood?' So many questions filled his head. 'Where is Rita? What about the maid who is supposed to take care of her?'

It took quite a while for David to calm down. He guessed that Rita could be in the hospital by now.

David left the house in a hurry. He sat back in the driver's seat, starting the car while calling the maid. "Hello, Haley. Where are you and Rita now? Why is nobody home?" he asked as soon as the phone was connected.

There came Haley's astonished voice at the other end of the line,"Mr. Xu, my son had a car accident today, so Rita gave me two days off. I'm not with her now..."

David scolded her,"How can I not know of this? I told you that you must take good care of her at all times! You know that she is pregnant! How can she move around without your care?"

David lost control of his anger. He hung up the phone without waiting for Haley's reply.

'If Rita was alone at home, what happened to her? Where is she now?' thought David with such anxiety.

David dialed another number. As soon as the phone was connected, he ordered,"I think Rita is missing. Find out where she is now. Start with the hospital."

The person whom David contacted on the phone was very efficient. He found some women with the same name as Rita in several hospitals, after crossing out the wrong women one by one, he got the exact whereabouts of Rita. By that time, it was already 9 p.m.

It turned out that Rita had gone into labor. When David found out that Rita had given birth to a son for him, he was so excited that he rushed to the hospital without a stop. But as he arrived at the door of Rita's ward, he froze, unable to take one step further. He had gotten somewhat timid and hesitant.

David couldn't help feeling excited at the sight of his woman and his son in the ward.

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