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   Chapter 166 This Twerp Needs To Be Checked Up

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7964

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As strange as it were, Jacob was jealous of the baby as he firmly said,"I won't let you go."

Emily wasn't sure whether she was angry or disappointed. She knew that it wasn't right for her to ask Jacob to stay there alone, but she needed to get some food for Rita to help her regain strength.

Jacob made a concession again when he saw Emily's worried look. "I'll have my cook prepare something and deliver it here," said Jacob.

Almost instantly, Emily's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. She got up and hugged Jacob. "Jacob, you are such a sweetheart! I love you very much!" said Emily happily.

"But your love is not sincere at all," Jacobs snorted and complained.

Emily knew exactly what he meant, so she smiled and put her lips close to Jacob's. "Well then, how about a kiss?" asked Emily.

Jacob pursed his lips, pretending to be stubborn and stayed still, as if nothing could temp him.

Emily cracked a smile, wrapped her arms around Jacob's neck and then stood on her toes.

"I can't reach your lips," she said. Emily was frustrated, as she struggled to reach his lips.

Jacob, however, didn't help her. He plainly said,"That's your problem."

Emily furrowed her eye-brows and gritted her teeth. She knew it wasn't her height that was the problem, this man was just so tall!

Emily held onto his arms and bounced around like a bunny. All she wanted to do was kiss the man on his lips!

Amused, Jacob, smiled, with a certain air of suaveness around him, as he watched Emily jump again and again trying to reach for his lips. "Not high enough," he said.

Soon, Emily's legs were starting to give out. When she noticed that Jacob was smiling at her misfortune, she glared at him, annoyed, and said,"I don't want to kiss you anymore."

Slighted, Emily turned around to walk away, but Jacob grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back to his arms.

"What?" yelled Emily. Annoyed, furious and disrespected. Emily was feeling all three emotions at once.

Jacob, turned her to face him and then lifted her up like a child. Now, Emily was a few inches above him. Emily looked down to see his handsome face, staring at her, expectantly.

"Little baby, don't be angry. Uncle Jacob will take care of everything?" said Jacob.

Emily laughed so hard, and she almost spat on his face. "I'm not a baby. Hm," murmured Emily.

With Emily looking down, h

nd David's. There was no need for him to worry.

Jacob carried Emily into the sterilization room as if she were a baby. Yet, again.

Seeing Jacob walk in, the nurse sitting in the room stood up and walked towards him as her eyes lit up with joy. She asked in a tender voice,"Did you get hurt? Where is the wound? I can take care of it for you."

Jacob was still very angry, so he poked Emily's head with his finger and said,"This twerp needs to be checked up."

"Alright," answered the nurse. The nurse felt a little disappointed when she saw Emily. She glared at Emily, as she brought the medical box with her and asked,"Where is the wound?"

"On her arm," Jacob answered and lifted Emily's arm. The bite marks on her delicate and white skin came with bruises around the wound. This did not make Jacob happy.

The nurse said,"This is not a big deal. It will recover on its own after a few days." The nurse took one look at Emily's wound and didn't take it seriously. She cursed Emily, in her heart, for being pretentious enough to use a slight wound to get sympathy.

Emily looked at Jacob with anger after hearing what the nurse had said. "See? I've told you it's not a big deal. You just don't want to believe anything I say. You dragged me in here to waste other people's time," Emily complained.

"You tell me. How can you say it's not a big deal? Huh?"

Jacob asked firmly, and glared at the nurse sharply. It seemed like he was only talking to the nurse, but he was also talking to Emily. His tone was flat, but cold enough to make the both of them feel scared.

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