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   Chapter 165 Where Is the Baby’s Dad

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7379

Updated: 2019-02-25 05:04

In the Delivery Room.

"Who is the relative of this woman? Please come in to give her some support," said the doctor.

Emily let go of Jacob's hands and rushed forward to the doctor. "I'm her best friend. I'll go," said Emily.

"No," Jacob disagreed sullenly. However, Emily cared only about Rita at this moment, so despite his disapproval, she walked straight into the delivery room and shut the door.

Inside, Rita was lying on the bed and had already been woken up due to her labour pains. She had cold sweats all over, and her face had turned pale as a ghost.

"Rita…" said Emily, anxiously. Emily never had any experience with child birth, so she had no idea what to do. However, she calmed herself down and knelt down beside Rita's bed. Emily held Rita's hands tightly and encouraged her,"Come on. You can do it!"

Rita opened her eyes slowly, as she heard Emily's voice. "Emily. Ow!" she cried.

Rita cried so loud that it made Emily's heart tremble. However, in order not to make Rita feel frightened, Emily didn't show any signs of panic, instead she said,"Come on. Rita. You can do this!"

Rita bit her lips as hard as she could, as the pain was becoming overwhelmingly hard to endure. "Emily. Don't leave me alone here," Rita implored.

"It's all right, Rita. I'm here. Don't be afraid," assured Emily.

Another sharp pain swept through Rita's body. She howled again,"Ow!"

Rita's screaming reminded Emily of how Rose looked when she was lying on the bed just hours ago. They both suffered from great pain, except Rita was suffering from the pain of labour, while Rose, from the pain of induced labour.

By now, Rita's lips were starting to bleed because of how hard she bit them. Emily was so frightened, that she rolled up her sleeve and put her arm in front of Rita's mouth. "Rita, bite me when you feel the pain. Don't bite yourself," she said.

Rita was barely conscious, so she opened her mouth and bit as hard as she could.

Immediately, Emily groaned, but she still held tight to Rita's hand with one hand and forced the other hand over Rita's mouth to keep Rita from screaming.

Jacob stayed outside with a look of sullen resentment. He knew nothing about wh

call David?"

"Yes, but I couldn't reach him," answered Jacob.

Emily frowned immediately and said,"How can he be absent on such an important occasion."

"Perhaps he's dead," Jacob sneered.

Jacob was frustrated. Because of David, he had to take of Rita before, and now he had to drive her to the hospital on the day of his child's birth. Was he even fit to be called the baby's dad?

Emily said nothing more about David, instead she looked tenderly at the baby in her arms. "Rita gave birth to this child without any preparation. Go buy some cans of milk powder and diapers. I'll be here looking after the child," said Emily.

Jacob frowned and made a phone call,"I'll ask Sam to get it."

Emily didn't care who would go as long as she got the things she wanted.

Soon, Emily brought the baby into Rita's ward, placed him in the crib and rocked it lightly. The baby just fell asleep quietly.

"I'll go back home and fetch some food. You stay here and look after them. Alright?" Emily turned her head to Jacob and asked.

"No," Jacob scowled and refused.

"Why?" asked Emily.

"Emily, this baby is not mine. Why should I do the things David ought to do?" asked Jacob.

Moreover, ever since this baby was born, Emily had been glued to it every second. She had so much affection for the baby, that it was overflowing from her eyes.

'What's so good about this ugly kid? Is he better than me? She never looked at me like that!' Jacob thought.

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