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   Chapter 164 I Am Brilliant In Many Fields

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8310

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When Jacob and Emily stepped out of Jack's mansion, the guards standing at the gate looked at each other with surprise and bewilderment. 'Why didn't anyone notice us when they came into the mansion?'

In the end, none of the guards dared to ask anything; after all, what would be the point? The only thing they could do was to respectfully bow at Jacob and Emily as they walked by.

"How did Mr. Jacob get in? I didn't see anyone pass through the gate," a guard asked his fellow guards in puzzlement, after Jacob and Emily went away.

Another guard looked around, and when he saw Jacob's car parked not too far from the mansion, he guessed,"Maybe they climbed over the wall?"

"You're kidding me!" Another guard retorted at once,"This is the mansion of Mr. Jacob's nephew. If he wants to visit Mr. Jack, he can walk through the front gate."

"So do you think that they flew into the house like birds ?"

"Why don't you just shut up and pretend that they flew into the house?"


Emily sat inside Jacob's car silently. With no expression on her face, her eyelids lowered, and no one could tell what she was thinking about.

"Jacob," some time later, Emily opened her mouth all of a sudden. "Do you think that Rose's baby died because of me?" she asked.

Jacob paused for a while before he answered with certainty,"No, it was Jack's fault."

"But...But if it were not for me, Jack would not have done that..." Emily said.

"Listen, you have nothing to do with the death of his baby. It was his decision. Do you understand?" replied Jacob.

"I..." Emily understood Jacob's words, but she could not help but think that she had something to do with the accident. The thought of the little unborn infant haunted her mind the whole time.

All of a sudden, she felt so nauseated that she heaved up everything she had eaten earlier.

It surprised Jacob that Emily would have that kind of a reaction. He frowned and quickly stopped the car.

After unfastening the seat belt, Jacob leaned over to Emily and patted her back softly. With a tender voice he tried to comfort Emily,"Don't worry. You must be feeling nauseated by bad experience and motion sickness."

Emily regurgitated all she had eaten. She took the water bottle from Jacob to rinse her mouth, as she said,"I got your car dirty."

Her voice had sunk down, almost to a whisper, as if she were a little girl who did something wrong, which melted Jacob's heart; he said,"Just go and take the back se

to labour!"

From the rear-view mirror Jacob saw Emily's anxious look, as he frowned with displeasure, and said,"It's Rita who is going into labour, not you. Why are you so nervous?"

However, Jacob's sarcasm was overlooked by Emily, as she was busy trying to console Rita.

Although, Jacob may have sounded insensitive, he was just teasing her; he sped up the car and said,"If you feel sick again, let me know." Jacob cared a great deal about Emily, and he did not want to make her vomit again.

He drove as fast as he could and soon, they arrived at the place where Rita was.

Emily banged at the door, but there was no answer from the inside. Jacob, who was standing beside Emily, grew impatient, so he kicked the door open.

Emily rushed into the room and found Rita lying on the ground in the dinning hall, unconscious. Her eyes were shut tight and there was blood all over the floor...

"Rita! Rita!" Emily screamed. Flustered and flurried, Emily, whose face was as pale as the moon, tried to lift Rita. Fortunately, Jacob was there to help her.

"Leave it to me," Jacob said, with a deadpan expression on his face. Carefully and cautiously, he lifted Rita up and walked out, as Emily soon followed. After slowly placing Rita in the back seat, Jacob said,"Fasten the seat belt for her."

"What? Oh, okay!" Overwhelmed by the situation, Emily paused for a moment. Seeing Jacob's calm and collected demeanor, Emily realized that she needed to pull herself together. With no further hesitation she sat beside Rita, and fastened her seat belt for her. Then Emily held Rita's hand and prayed for her, as the car sped towards the hospital.

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