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   Chapter 163 You Would Never Get the One You Love in Your Whole Life

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7940

Updated: 2019-02-24 04:06

Jack was about to leave, but he sensed that something was not right. With razor-sharp eyes he looked towards the window and asked,"Who's there? Come out!"

Everybody's attention focused on the window, but there was no response.

Jack was almost certain that his doubts were justified, but he still kept a calm face and walked towards the window.

Emily did not want to hide anymore, so she stood up and raised her head to face with Jack.

"Emily! What are you doing here?" he asked. Jack's heart started to race in his chest, but no one could see signs of nervousness in his eyes. He instinctively and cautiously moved to block Emily's visual field.

"Stop it! I have seen everything," she said.

"Emily, listen to me... " Finally, Jack's restlessness was beginning to show. He mumbled, trying to explain himself, but when he saw Jacob his face froze up in an instant. "Jacob, I didn't know you could be so sneaky!" said Jack.

'No wonder the guards hadn't reported any peculiarities. They came in sneakily!'

Jacob, on the other hand, remained as calm as a statue. He was completely unaffected by Jack's words. Jacob even did not look back at Jack, as he reached out to take off the straw on Emily's sweater casually.

For this kind of contempt, Jack felt extremely furious, but he also knew that it was not the right time or place to quarrel. Jack moved his sights to Emily, but he was met with an extremely cold face. Jack tried to explain to Emily.

However, Emily did not even give him the chance to utter a word. She said,"Jack, I never thought that you would do something like this."

Nevertheless, that was his unborn baby. It was still a developing infant.

The fetus was innocent and just a few months later, it would become a lively baby.

Seeing the disappointment in Emily's eyes, Jack felt more and more flustered. He said,"... Emily, did you forget everything? Rose had done so many evil things to alienate us and to hurt you! This was just a light punishment for her treachery!

I'm just helping you. I'm helping us to get our revenge. If it weren't for her, we would have never ended up like this!

She deserves it and of course, she has no right to give birth to my baby, nor be a member of the Gu Family..."

"Enough!" Emily yelled at him with pure disgust. She did not want to listen to his incessant pandering anymore.


ry about yourself first. I'll see how you walk out of here alive!" he threatened.

Jack's threats were falling on deaf ears, as Rose remained there unchallenged. It seemed as if Rose had transformed into another person as she answered with great resentment,"You do what you have to do. I don't give a shit! But I'm telling you this. If I walk out of this door alive, I'll have my revenge and you're gonna regret you didn't kill me today."

Rose was certain that Jack was going to use the death of her unborn child as an excuse to break off their engagement, and then she would be left with nothing at all.

Fame, the title of the lady of the Gu family and her social status... Not only did Rose lose her baby she also lost the ability to become pregnant again. Because of Jack, Rose had to pay her dues, twice over.

Rose hated Jack. She hated him so much! And Emily! And everyone!

Jack realized it was useless to argue with Rose, so he put his anger at bay and walked out of the room. Nevertheless, Jack wasn't going to kill Rose, not in that way at least. Jack needed Rose to break off the engagement with him willingly. 丨

" Hahahahaha..." Rose laughed hysterically and did not stop laughing until she had run out of all her strength. She turned around and looked at the things on the tray. For a long time, tears streamed down her face, almost endlessly.

All this time, Rose only regarded the baby as a means for her to get what she wanted. Then why was she feeling so sad now?

Rose did not know for certain, but she knew that she could not be pregnant anymore.

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