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   Chapter 162 Those Who Are Pitiful Must Have A Cause for Having Sunk So Low

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7890

Updated: 2019-02-24 03:22

"Anyway, we should stay out of sight." Emily thought that if Jack was really hiding something from her, and he found out that they were out here, he might transfer Rose to another place... Today, Emily was determined to find out what exactly was going on.

"So, do you have any plan to get in?" Not so serious as Emily, Jacob asked a practical question, like he was going on a casual trip with Emily.

Emily frowned and pulled Jacob to a corner. She found that there was a hole for the dog. She hesitated but asked Jacob anyway," How about... getting in through there?" She pointed to the small hole.

Jacob could not help laughing and answered,"Are you a puppy dog learning to go through a hole?"

Emily could feel the sarcasm from his laugh. "Ha ha. Very funny." She was going to turn around and argue with him but she suddenly felt weightless as Jacob grabbed her and cuddled her.

Jacob held her slim waist and pushed her up,"Climb up here."

Now that she wanted to do it this way, he would help her.

Emily finally knew what Jacob meant and was a little hesitant clinging to the wall,"Won't we be found this way?"

"This is a good place to hide so we won't be found." Jacob answered in a low but calm voice which made Emily feel more convinced.

Supported by Jacob, Emily felt less worried and climbed up the wall. When nearly reaching the top, Emily slipped and almost fell down but was caught by Jacob by her hip which he happily slapped making a healthy sound.

"Hey! ..." Emily was shocked by his move and almost fell down from the wall but luckily, Jacob was holding her and pushed her further using his height advantage.

Emily's face was flushed but finally made it to the top. Relieved, she sat on the wall but she could not help feeling dizzy and terrified, looking down to the ground from that height.

"Sit there firmly." She heard Jacob, who then made a few grunts as a gust of wind blew by her side.

Emily turned around and saw a shadow jump up, go over the wall and land on the other side gracefully.

He was so handsome and strong. Compared to him, she was so weak...

"Come down now." Jacob shouted in a whisper, opened his arms to Emily and said," I will catch you."

Emily felt a little embarrassed and answered,"No, I'm fine. I'm just going to climb down this side..."

"Okay." Jacob agreed with her and step

aby. It was a girl. Please have a look."

What was in the tray was truly ghastly and not for the fainthearted.

Jack just cast a tiny glimpse of it then looked away quickly. "Is that all of it?"

The doctor who was standing close by stepped froward and told Jack about the whole operation in general.

"You can rest assured." The nurse changed her tone sounding quite sorry about the whole thing. She continued," It's such a pity that Rose had lost all possibility to get pregnant ever again."

" Oh." Jack did not make much of a reaction. He did not feel a bit of remorse for what happened to Rose. She had done so many despicable things to drive a wedge between him and Emily. There was also the hurt and pain that she had caused Emily. This was not enough punishment for her.

Whether it was intentional or not, the tray with the dead fetus was put in front of Rose. She looked at the lifeless and mangled clump of flesh in the tray. She did not make a sound but the hatred inside her, had wrapped around her very soul like a poisonous vine to a dead tree. She could never be pregnant again!

In this moment, she finally understood what went on in Jack's mind.

From outside, Emily heard everything and she held Jacob's hand. The scene she just witnessed made her blood run cold. It was too much for her to handle.

Jack really did force Rose to an induced abortion as she said before. It was already a developed fetus and he cared nothing about it.

Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs. But Jack was so evil that even God could not save him.

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