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   Chapter 160 My Prince, Forgive Me

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Rose looked up at Emily with beseeching eyes, and said,"Emily, I know you are a kind person. Please help me and my child... Emily, I know, you wouldn't let Jack kill this child, right? You will certainly help me, won't you?"

Emily refused,"No, I won't."

"Why?" Rose cried out in shock,"I don't believe that. I believe that you will help me."

"Shut up, Rose. I don't believe you at all, even if what you're saying is true..." Emily replied. She stared at Rose with cold eyes, as she said,"I am not as kind-hearted as you like for me to be, and I will never selflessly help my enemies. So why would you even think that I'd help you after you hurt me so many times?

Rose didn't expect Emily to refuse her so decisively. In her impression, Emily was just a silly, softhearted woman. In the past, as long as she pretended to be remorseful of what she had done, Emily, who was known as a good-tempered and lenient woman, never refused her requests... Unfortunately, nothing was working this time.

"You…you've never refused me before…" said Rose, caught by surprise.

"As you've said, all that's in the past. Do you know who made me so cold-blooded? It was you and Jack," said Emily, as she wore a sardonic look on her face, and continued,"I am happy to see you grovelling at my feet, and I've listened to your story, but I am afraid that l have to go now."

"Emily! Don't go! Wait…" Rose watched helplessly as Emily disappeared into the distance. When she started to get stomach cramps, she stopped screaming, fearing that she would harm her unborn child if she continued running after Emily. Desperate and powerless, Rose remained where she was, gnashing her teeth in anger.

'Emily is a heartless bitch! She looked at me kneeling, but still refused to help me. She even mocked me!

Damn it! I'll be sure to pay her back for this in the future!' Rose thought indignantly.

Before long, Emily returned to the LA Company. She was in such a hurry that she forgot to buy coffee. Fortunately, she was not in the mood for drinking coffee.

Although Emily looked calm, her mind was in a total mess. She forced herself to forget what had just happened, but she could not help wondering what if Rose really was speaking the truth.

Rose was a quintessentially evil person. Despite her arrogance and conceited nature, the fact that she knelt in font of someone, showed that she must have been in a really hopeless situation...

'What if she were speaking the truth, that Jack really wanted to get her an abortion... But Rose said that

ad in one hand, and rubbed his grease stained cheek to her face. He didn't stop until he managed to clean up most of the mess on his face. With a glow of satisfaction in his eyes he said,"Perhaps this will put some sense into you."

With oil smudged all over her cheeks, Emily felt aggrieved by Jacob's behavior, but she had no courage to blame him because she wronged him first. Without further delay, she quickly begged for mercy and said,"I won't do it again. My prince, please forgive me..."

Jacob was amused by her childish sense of humor, so he asked in a teasing tone,"If I say no, what are you going to do?"

"If you don't forgive me…" Emily rolled her eyes with a sly expression on her face, then she suddenly looked up and gave him a hard peck on the lips.

Dizzied, Jacob felt light-headed, with his heart packing like a bullet train.

Over time, Emily had become more skilful at flirting. She teased him and then fled right before she aroused his fiery lust.

Just as Jacob was expecting, Emily jumped out of his reach like a slippery little fish. She sat a little farther away from him, with an enticing smile, feeling amused by the fact that she was playing with Jacob's desires.

Emily never thought that she would have the courage to kiss a man on her own. She had never felt more empowered as she did now than when she was with Jack. Back then, she was just a shy and reserved girl... However, being with Jacob had made her a different person. She couldn't stop herself from being physical with him, and kissing him...All in all, she had become everything Jacob had wanted her to be.

Perhaps, Emily really was in love with Jacob. In love folly was always sweet.

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