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   Chapter 157 Things Could Not Be Described

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Jacob nodded his head to express dissent, and said,"Jack doesn't like her. Do you still think that her life will be better off?"

Emily thought about it for a moment and then said,"Never mind. They can do as they please. Rose is pregnant with Jack's child, so he should be responsible for her!"

Emily was having the best time of her life. She didn't want to let those unimportant people affect her mood.

After confirming that Emily really didn't care, Jacob was relieved and a gentle smirk appeared on his handsome face.

"Well, there's something I want to tell you," she said. Emily remembered what she wanted to talk to Jacob about and she said,"I would like to return to the LA Company to focus on my own work. Are you okay with that?"

Her aspirations of getting her revenge on Jack had disappeared, so there was no need for her to continue working at the Gu Consortium any more.

When Jacob heard her words, he immediately furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't look too happy with Emily's announcement. "Don't you want to stay here?" he asked, eagerly.

"I feel like I am not qualified for the job, and there is too much pressure for me here. Designing jewelries is something I would like to do more than anything else..." she explained.

"If you want, you can just come to work every day and do nothing. Just sit in the office and accompany me. You will still receive your salary. What do you think?" Jacob offered some attractive conditions.

Emily shook her head and humbly refused,"No, that is not right. I really want to return to designing jewelries. Could you please let me go... Please, Jacob? Mr. Jacob..."

The sound of Emily pleading sounded very attractive to Jacob. He almost gave in, but unfortunately for Emily, he was still determined. "No," he refused.

Jacob was not comfortable with Emily going back to LA, because of Victor.

Emily knew what Jacob was worried about, so she winked at him and said,"Mr. Victor went abroad on work again. Don't worry. He won't be there, and even if he is, I will avoid him, okay?"

Jacob snorted coldly. "You seem to know his schedule very well," he said.

Emily pouted her small cherry like mouth and continued to insist with puppy dog eyes. "So, can I? Can I please..." she pleaded.

She even took the initiative to put her arms around his neck, and shake his body gently. She begged in a soft and adorable tone, as if she were a spoiled child begging for

With each passing day, the date of Jack and Rose's wedding drew closer.

At the Wedding Center in Jingshi City.

For a woman who was six months pregnant, Rose's stomach was showing quite noticeably. When she was putting on her wedding dress with the help of her carers, she unknowingly expressed a hint of smugness.

Rose never imagined that she would get married to Jack, but the day of her dreams was finally here, all thanks to the child in her stomach. If not for the baby, Mr. Gu would not have allowed her to be a part of their family. Even now, Rose did not know that Jacob was the man behind all this.

"Ah!" Rose suddenly gave a little cry. While her brows furrowed with displeasure, she continued,"Why are you tying me up so tight? Don't you know that I am pregnant! If something happens to the child in my belly, will you take responsibility?"

The face of female shop assistant who was helping Rose put on her dress immediately turned pale, as she apologized repeatedly,"Sorry, Miss Rose. I'm all thumbs, I'll ask someone else to help you dress..."

"Pah!" A tight and loud slap landed on the face of the girl, and her cheek immediately turned red with pain.

Rose stared at her coldly and said,"Don't call me Miss Rose, call me Mrs. Gu!"

The girl looked at Rose with shock, fighting back the tears, and quickly responded,"Sorry, Mrs. Gu. I am truly sorry..."

Rose nodded haughtily and said,"Get out of here, and get a smarter one to come over."

She looked as if she were the young princess of a royal family, as she talked down to the people commandingly, seeming insufferably arrogant.

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