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   Chapter 151 What Do You Want Me To Do

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Having said what he wanted to, Mark dramatically pointed his gun towards Jacob. Almost instantaneously, a black mass of guns rose behind Jacob as his bodyguards reciprocated by pointing their own guns at Mark.

And of course, Mark wasn't alone either. A mass of guns rose behind him too. The air was thick with tension as the two sides collided, both their armies behind them.

The two men glared at each other, neither wanting to break eye contact. The air was hot with anger and sparks flew at the potential collision that was about to happen.

Mark looked at the calmness on Jacob's face. Something about it just deterred him from shooting and killing him. The blue veins on his forehead popped as he was trying hard to control himself. Finally, he lowered his gun slowly and rushed into the enclosure to rescue Tina. She was unconscious and had scars all over her body. He lifted her in his arms and rushed out.

"Doctor! Please! Someone come and help!" Mark's voice was loud and commanding and the doctors and nurses coming with him all rushed in.

Jacob looked at them, cold eyed. He did not let anyone stop the rescuing. Instead, he turned and took his man away from the spot arrogantly and wantonly.

Tina was as if breathing her last, grasping at life as if she could let go any moment. Her body was covered in bruises and blood.

Mark took one look at Tina and then gazed angrily at Jacob's retreating back. The distressed look on Tina's face was too much for him to bear.

"Tina, you'll be fine. I will never let go of those who hurt you!"


Time flew fast and a month soon passed.

Jack was recovering fast and well. But he still had to stay in the hospital for a while and rest a little, before bouncing back on his feet. He couldn't wait to be up and running again. He wanted go back to the Gu Consortium. After all, that was the only way he could meet Emily.

It was funny that how even one glance at her had become a matter of luck. He didn't know when he was going to see her next.

Jacob had successfully blocked the news from going public. Every single one of Gu's employees were doing carefully what they were doing and dare not mention a word of it.

And thanks to Jack, even Mr. Gu himself was unaware of it all.

The day he returned to office, Jack was first called into the CEO's office by Jacob, even before he had a chance to see Emily.

"I know you saved her. It is because of you that she is alive." Jacob did not want to beat around the bush nor had the time for any nonsensical chit-chat. Coming straight to the point, he said "So tell me, what is it that you want

ce at all. I don't remember there being a subway around your home at all."

She would never believe this to be a coincidence at all.

Jack's smile widened as he said happily,"Well, I have not had the chance to tell you that I have already moved into a new house, very close to yours."

That is how Jack knew that she was travelling by the subway and not with Jacob that morning.

"Close to my house, are you serious?" Emily's eyes widened as she could not believe what he was saying,"Jack, are you out of your mind!" She didn't know how to react. "So you're telling me that you left that great lush villa of yours to come and live like an ordinary person, in an ordinary house? Near my apartment?"

"I..." Jack trembled to find the words. He finally blurted,"Well I wanted to be close to you." Jack looked at Emily's face. His black eyes danced with happiness as he looked at her,"Don't worry Emily. I won't bother you at all."

As they stood side by side on the subway, they easily drew the attention of regular commuters. The rich clothes, the expensive watch and the polished demeanour, everything set them apart.

A girl standing next to them promptly fished her phone out to take a picture, but Jack stopped her in a firm fashion. He looked at her with cold eyes and said,"Don't shoot." He did not want to get Emily into trouble.

He didn't want Emily's reputation to be damaged again.

The girl was frightened and her cellphone fell onto the floor of the metro. Hearing the commotion, Emily who was standing with her back facing the girl suddenly turned to look what was going on.

Jack instantly wore a polite smile and picked up the girl's phone off the ground. He looked at her kindly and said,"Miss, here's your phone."

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