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   Chapter 150 An Eye For An Eye

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8094

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At a bar in Jingshi City.

"I just can't wait to learn how Emily met her end this time," said Tina, who was drinking in the bar, as she put on a broad victorious smile on her face, imagining Emily struggling in pain helplessly.

'A girl who has offended me deserves nothing less, ' Tina thought.

She twirled the wine in her glass, with a satisfied look on her face. In just a few minutes, she overindulged in alcohol and ended up getting quite drunk.

A beautiful lady would always be the center of attention in a bar, especially a lady with no man accompanying her. Soon a man walked over, trying to accost Tina.

"Hey, are you here alone?"

"Get lost," Tina blew him off with only two words. The disgust and arrogance in her eyes made the man feel like he was just nothing but trash.

The man was utterly aggrieved by Tina's words, but since he had recognized who the girl was, he didn't dare to say anything back. Instead, he scoffed and whispered,"You'd better pray that your family always keeps its position, or else, I'll have your guts for garters."

However, before he could even finish, he was doused with fine, red wine all of a sudden.

"I said 'get lost'. Didn't you hear me?" Tina exclaimed.

"You! You'd better watch out!" said the man, barely squeezing the words from his teeth. However, since he was afraid of Tina's powerful family, he could do nothing but walk away, with his tail between his legs.

"Trash," Tina murmured, with an arrogant and overconfident look on her face.

After the man left, all the other guests in the bar discovered that the girl who was sitting alone at the bar was Tina Tao. And no one else dared to accost her any more because they didn't want to get in trouble.

In fact, they were more afraid of Tina's family members than her. To be more specific, they were more afraid of her brother Mark, who was extremely protective of his sister.

Although Tina was in a good mood, she got bored after drinking a few more drinks. When she was about to leave, she suddenly heard someone calling her name from behind.

"Ms. Tina, would you like to try some of my cocktails?"

Tina turned round impatiently. The next moment, she froze when she saw the man's face.

His facial structure resembled Jacob's, but not completely.

Tina's instinct kept telling her that this man was not Jacob, but she could not help but walk closer to him. After all, how coul

dark, but Tina still hadn't returned home. Failing to get any response from her after calling her phone many times, Mark suddenly had a bad feeling in his gut.

Without wasting another second, he quickly ordered his men to search the city for Tina. Before long, one of his informants told him that Tina was last seen with Jacob.

Coincidentally, when Mark first suspected that Tina was missing, the first person he thought of was Jacob. It turned out he was right. Soon, he was on his way to Jacob's mansion. However, when he arrived there, he found that he was too late.

Mark saw his sister lying on the ground, unconscious. Tina's eyes were shut tight and her eyebrows were furrowed, as if she were suffering from something terrible and miserable.

Mark ran towards Tina and gritted his teeth in anger because of what Jacob had done to his beloved sister.

"Jacob! How dare you!" he screamed out in rage.

"Consider this as retribution. Since, she was brave enough to try to kill Emily, I gave her a taste of her own medicine," Jacob sneered, and with a malicious smile hanging on his lips, he continued,"I told you to teach her to be polite."

Mark glared at Jacob; his finger bled from clenching his fists too tightly. Driven mad with rage, he cried out,"Jacob, I'm gonna kill you!"

As his favorite sister and the apple of his eye, Tina always lived a comfortable life and was spoiled by him. However, ever since she encountered Jacob, this man had brought nothing but misery and despair to her life. Mark couldn't bear witness to her suffering anymore.

'Jacob, you are dead!' he cursed.

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