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   Chapter 149 I Feel Safe With You

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Blushing in considerable embrassment after listening to the nurse's explanation, Emily offered profuse apologies,"I'm so sorry. I didn't know that."

Soon, after the nurse left, Emily was left alone in the room with Jack. To her surprise, when she was staring at Jack, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked back into Emily's eyes.

"I didn't know that you were so concerned about me, Emily," he said. With a smile in his soft, appealing eyes, he continued,"I'm so glad you came to visit me."

After gawking at him for a moment, Emily gave Jack a bleak look as if she had recalled some bad memories, and said,"I don't have any concern for you. I just want to check whether you are dead or not."

Right after she had said that, regret filled her face as she feared that her words may have been too harsh on Jack, who was a seriously injured patient.

"You're lying. I heard how you cried to that nurse just now," Jack said, grinning from ear to ear. He continued,"You care a lot about me. You've got to admit it."

"I thought you were in coma!" she exclaimed.

Flustered, Jack explained without hesitation,"No. I came to myself long before you came. I was just sleeping, and I woke up when I heard the noise."

"Then why didn't you open your eyes?"

"I was afraid to put you in a more awkward situation," he replied.

'You are right. That was a very awkward moment, ' Emily thought ironically.

She blushed with embarrassment after she remembered what she did to the nurse. Unexpectedly, Emily lost her temper, stood up and said,"Thank you for saving me. Since you're alive and well, I must go now."

She turned her back to Jack, but failed to take a step towards the door because Jack had grabbed her arm. He pleaded,"Emily, could you stay here with me for just a few more minutes?"

Emily stood there frozen on her path, before she managed to turn around to look back at Jack. At a loss for words, she just stared at him silently.

"I have had a taste of my own medicine. Is that not enough to satisfy your anger? Since we narrowly escaped with our lives yesterday, do you think you can give me another chance so that we can start again?"

Emily looked directly into Jack's eyes and took a deep breath to prevent herself from being unstable,"So? You want to force me to make up with you because you saved me?"

"That's not what I meant..." he replied.

"I'm glad to hear that's not what you meant, Jack. I am grateful that you saved me, but it doesn't mean that I will forgive you," asserted Emily. Emil

k home," he said.

"Mr. Jacob," Sam unintentionally interrupted their intimate moment as he popped out of nowhere, and continued,"Everything was done as you had ordered."

Jacob nodded, with no expression in his face, and replied,"I see. Well done."

Sam quickly nodded back at Jacob and left without giving second glance at Jacob and Emily.

Emily, who had buried her head in Jacob's chest, could not contain her curiosity as she overheard Jacob and Sam speaking in riddles. "What were you talking about? Can you tell me?" she asked.

"Nothing to trouble you with," Jacob answered seriously, as he continued,"Just about that accident. They caught that bear and found out who was behind this all along."

When Emily heard this news, she held onto Jacob tightly and pressed her face to his chest. Jacob's fast paced heartbeat made her feel calm and secure. Then she said,"I see. You know what? I feel safe with you by my side."

Love and compassion appeared in Jacob's eyes, as he said,"I know."

In truth, he had kept some secrets from Emily. For instance, how Lynn, who planned on harming Emily, met her miserable end.

Jacob asked several men to drag Lynn to the same river where the accident took place and forced her to experience what Emily had experienced. As to whether Lynn could survive from that terrible ordeal, Jacob didn't care about it at all.

Moreover, Sheila's face was still swollen like a tomato from the slap her face had received from Jacob. The next day she was fired from the company, without even a proper excuse.

However, Jacob firmly believed that, it was unnecessary to tell Emily the truth in case she became sympathetic and guilt-ridden.

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