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   Chapter 148 You Wanted To Take Advantage of Me

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With her face turned ashy grey, Lynn paused for a long while before she could speak again. "It's...It's Tina! I was forced to do that because Tina threatened me with my nude picture," she said.

Tina's name drove Jacob up the wall. With a malicious tone, he said,"Tina? Well, well."

Jacob's voice seemed to make the air around them colder and thinner, suffocating Lynn and Sheila, as they dared not to utter another word in fear of angering Jacob.

A few minutes later, Jacob ordered Sam,"Take the cage out of here."

Sam quickly followed Jacob's order. He got a few men to put a black piece of cloth over the cage, before wheeling the cage away. Afterwards, he went to take Lynn and Sheila out of the hall, who were standing there pale as ghosts.

"Lynn, you bitch! If it hadn't been for you, I would not have been dragged into the mire! Trust me, Mr. Jacob. I did not have any intentions of hurting Miss Emily! I am innocent!" yelled Sheila. Blinded by fear, Sheila began to curse at Lynn without any restraint, hoping to find Jacob's sympathy.

With an expressionless face, Jacob taunted,"Perhaps you should be happy that you were too much of a coward to do anything to Emily."


Meanwhile, Emily, who had spent the whole day lying in the bed, could not bear it any longer, so she decided to get out for some fresh air. As soon as her feet touched the floor, she felt a slight twinge in her ankle, which brought back memories of yesterday when she had hurt her foot.

Fortunately, the ointment was working, and today her foot injury was feeling better. She figured she could be up and about as long as she didn't put too much pressure on her injured foot.

Emily hobbled and limped on her way to the door. However, when she opened the door, she was surprised by the two bodyguards outside, smiling at her.

With a loud bang, Emily slammed the door shut angrily. Then she hobbled to the window, looked down and came up with an idea. She slowly went back to the bedside, tore the bed sheet into pieces and knotted them into a rope. With everything in place, she took a deep breath and slid down the window with her home-made rope.

Safe and sound, when her feet touched the ground, her heart bloomed with joy. Soon, she realized that there was another problem—How could she find Jack? Emily had no idea where to look for him or where he could be.

'Anyway, I have to leave here first.'

Emily walked cautiously along the wall, and then, all of a sudden, she bobbed down when she saw two girls walking towards her. But when she found out who they were, she bobbed up and exclaimed,"Chloe! Layla!"

Chloe and Layla were stunned to see Emily, but the

ck's room. She asked the nurses on duty in the villa and quickly figured out where Jack was with their help.

When she sneaked into the room, she was stunned by what she saw—A man was lying on the bed, covered up to his neck with sterile white bed sheet. And he had a green oxygen mask on his pale and fading face.

Emily's heart suddenly curled. 'Why did Sam say that Jack was not seriously injured, when he is actually lying here like a dead man with that oxygen mask to help with his breathing?' she wondered.

Before Emily could get closer to Jack, a nurse suddenly came in. Strangely enough, she didn't seem too surprised to see Emily there, instead, she nodded at Emily and greeted,"Good afternoon, Ms. Emily."

"Good afternoon," replied Emily. Somehow feigning a smile on her face, Emily was startled to see the nurse take off the oxygen mask from Jack's face. With her eyes widened, Emily cried out without a conscious thought,"No!"

Surprised by Emily's voice, the nurse paused for a long while before she responded,"Miss....Miss Emily, what's the matter? Is there anything wrong?"

"Why did you take off his oxygen mask? How will he breathe without that?" Remembering what a moribund state Jack was in yesterday evening, Emily could not help but hobble to the nurse with all her strength. The next minute she snatched the mask from the nurse and placed it over Jack's face again. Then she turned round and glared at the nurse angrily.

Dumbfounded, the nurse paused before she responded in an aggrieved tone,"Ms. Emily, Mr. Jack is doing much better now. He won't need the oxygen mask to breathe anymore. And taking off the mask is actually going to help with his recovery."

Embarrassment rooted Emily to the ground, as she said,"Oh, I didn't know that..."

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