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   Chapter 147 Who Did It

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10139

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The rest of the people there started realizing the danger they were facing.

Their families, jobs, houses, savings, everything they had worked for... It would all be for nothing if they died there. What had they done wrong? Nothing that happened was their fault.

But they were all going to pay for it, for that one woman who did not have the guts to come out and admit that she had hurt Emily.

"Mr. Gu, now I remember!" spoke up Sheila, who had been slapped and almost strangled by Jacob the night before. "Lynn went out after Miss Bai left, and when she came back, she wasn't wearing the same clothes. At that time, I remember being puzzled about it and even asked her where she had gone. But she dodged the question and didn't give me a straight answer! I found that quite suspicious even before I knew about Miss Bai's incident!"

Sheila's comment seemed honest. In fact, she was almost scared to death after last night. When she later found out that Emily was not hurt that badly, she seemed really relieved. After the previous night's gruesome episode between her and Jacob, she was planning to keep a low profile and avoid being anywhere near Emily or Jacob until the vacation was over, but unfortunately, she got caught up in this new altercation all due to the fact that she had worn purple the day before.

Sheila's insinuation took Lynn by surprise. She quickly forced herself to turn her frightened look into a confused one, and rebutted loudly at once,"I beg you pardon? Don't you dare frame ME! Everyone in our company knows you hate Miss Bai. You pick on her every time you see her. In fact, yesterday she left because of you! You have the biggest motivation here to hurt her!"

"Oh, seriously? Unlike you, I have lots of alibis who saw that I didn't leave the place at all yesterday," Sheila justified herself angrily,"Tell me, what did you do outside after you left?" she persisted.

"Shut up both of you," uttered Jacob firmly. Immediately, both Sheila and Lynn closed their mouths shut and didn't dare to say another word.

"Who else went out yesterday?" Jacob continued.

Everyone was initially confused by his question, wondering how it tied in with the issue at hand. However, once they had a chance to think about it, they realized he was checking all their alibis. So they all reported on their own as well as each other's activities, some on a more accusing note than others as if any friendship between them had suddenly ended. After carefully putting all the pieces of last night's events together, Sam concluded that it could have only been Sheila or Lynn who had attempted to assassinate Emily.

Everyone who was deemed innocent was allowed to leave. They all breathed a sigh of relief and rushed back to their places of residence.

If they had known that this journey would almost cost them their lives, they would have not gone in the first place. But now, having dodged the bullet, they could make the most of the time they had left there, and look forward to seeing their families aga

b Lynn and drag her over to the side of the cage.

At that point, the black bear roared even louder than before. Like a lightning bolt, it charged towards Lynn but was halted by the iron cage. One of its paws did, however, reach over to Lynn's face and almost scratched her.

"Ahhh!" Lynn screamed, completely terrified. She kept struggling to escape but was pinned down by Sam. Right in front of her eyes was the bear's giant mouth which would take her life away with just one bite.

Jacob then ordered Sam, with a stern expression,"Open the cage and throw her in."

At the sound of those words, Lynn frantically yelled,"Nooo! You can't do this to me. I don't want to go in. Help!" She had never been so scared. Her whole body was shaking and her face was all covered in tears.

Watching the horrible scene happen in front of her eyes, Sheila was petrified as well. Her knees became weak all of a sudden. Unable to stand anymore, she had to lie on the ground as far away from the bear as possible.

'Gosh, this is horrible! Phew! Thank goodness, I didn't do anything to Emily because of my stupid envy and jealousy. Otherwise, I would be the one turning into that bear's meal, and it looks hungry, ' thought Sheila.

Jacob, however, wasn't about to put Lynn into the cage yet. He needed her to talk and was trying to scare her enough for her to break. Realizing his plan was working, he waved his hand towards Sam, instructing him to let Lynn loose. As soon as Sam released her, Lynn crawled eagerly to the opposite corner, far away from the cage. Watching its prey back away, the bear howled angrily. Both Sheila and Lynn got shaken to their core by that sound, trembling like a leaf in the storm.

It was at that moment that Jacob felt a shred of empathy, as their fear made him realize how desperate and hopeless Emily must have been when she faced the black bear in the woods by herself.

"Tell me," he insisted on a calmer voice. He no longer had the patience to continue the grueling interrogation.

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