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   Chapter 145 All I Want Are Kisses and Hugs

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10541

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Jacob's anger was escalating as he kept her seized by the neck. His eyes were gradually becoming red, and his hand was tightening around her veins. At the same time, Sheila's face was turning purple and her eyes looked like they were about to pop out. Everyone was stunned by the scene, unable to react in any way. No one dared to stop him; no one even dared to say a word.

When she was on the verge of suffocation, Jacob finally loosened his grip and threw her on the ground in disgust as if he was throwing garbage.

Sheila gasped like a fish out of water and then coughed heavily.

"Who dares to laugh? I will have you wither just like her!" Jacob stretched out his arm and grabbed the handkerchief handed over by Sam. He wiped his hands with it and directed his sight towards Sheila adding,"And you... "

Sheila, who was still trying to breathe on the ground, reflexively quivered at his hateful look. She immediately tried to gather her thoughts and began begging for mercy with her hoarse voice,"Mr. Jacob... I am sorry. I was wrong; please forgive me... "

Jacob casually dropped the handkerchief on the ground, as he was staring into her eyes. He was angry but more so panicked. He kept blaming Sheila,"Emily was sitting right at your table, and you could not take care of her..." Then on an even more desperate tone, he continued,"Damn it! Keep looking! And if you can't find her yourself, then all of you go; either you find her... or you can all disappear together."

The other employees began resenting Sheila as well. If she hadn't treated Emily like that in the first place, Emily might have not left the table. If they had known this would happen, they wouldn't have let her out of their sight no matter what.

A few hours later

Confused, Emily's gaze kept hovering over Jack who was lying on the ground unconscious. She was trying hard to get a grip on reality, but the shock they had been through was making it hard.

She slowly reached out to touch his face. His warm but faint nasal breath gently brushed her fingers as she tried to open his eyelids.

"Jack, wake up. Are you trying to pull a prank on me like the last time? I know you like to do that," Emily stated hoping she was right.

This time, however, he wasn't pretending.

Suddenly a noise echoed through the air. As it got closer, it sounded more and more like a voice, but Emily couldn't take the chance. She couldn't risk running into another beast. Instinctively, she dragged Jack as best as she could, wanting to hide farther into the bushes.

A flashlight beam protruded through the parted grass not very far away. Emily started discerning a number of human voices coming from the light.

Her breath stopped for half a second, partly because of the newly-found hope and partly because she needed to quiet down her loud breathing so she could hear the others. Pushing through the severe pain in her ankle, she forced herself to stand up. With all the strength she had left, Emily shouted,"Is anyone there? Someone's hurt here! Help, please!"

As soon as she finished her words, a sound of rapid footsteps headed in her direction, and then a brig

r! And how come she wasn't afraid herself to go into the woods at night?

"How dare you say that after all I've done for you!" Jacob exclaimed in surprise. Her words seemed to have stabbed him deep into his heart, but all he could do was hold her even tighter. He knew she didn't mean that. He knew her well. All he wanted was for her to actually see his point and realize just how much he cared about her. Eventually he softened his tone, trying to explain himself,"I'm not yelling at you. I'm just reasoning with you."

"But I don't want to reason with you now!" Emily asserted immediately. She raised her eyes to meet his and went on saying,"All I want are kisses and hugs!"

As soon as she finished those words, she threw her arms around the Jacob's neck, pulled him down and kissed his thin lips adding,"Like this."

Jacob's heart started racing and his breath got heavier. His anxiety about her earlier worry for Jack was all gone. All of a sudden, he wasn't even mad anymore. Just like that, she had rendered all his efforts to convince her futile. He got a hold of her head, and leaned deeper into her kisses. With an intensifying, mercilessly passion, he kissed and bit and touched.

He wanted her to understand... to see how much he cared about her.

Suddenly an "Eh-hem!" came out of nowhere. Sam was just stepping inside the room, when he ran into the scene. He subconsciously coughed, and right away began to regret it. He felt as if he should just turn around and leave but they had already heard him. So he was in a limbo.

Hearing his voice, Emily instinctively tried to push Jacob away. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of someone watching their private moment. But he was so engaged in their kiss and refused to let her go. Growing more nervous, Emily impulsively kicked him in order to escape.

The strength of her kick was surprisingly powerful, so much so that Jacob was just about to fall out of bed!

He quickly grounded himself though, and took a moment to catch his breath.

Sam hurriedly turned his back to them, swearing he had really not seen anything.

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