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   Chapter 144 How Dare You Laugh

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In an instant, Emily pushed the man away in utter disbelief. "What did you say?" she asked.

"I said, I am Jack." Jack responded slowly, but his voice was firm. "It's me this time, not... It's not Jacob. It's really me..." he said.

"How could it be you? You are lying to me again, aren't you?" Emily refused to believe what Jack was claiming. After all, this wouldn't be the first time he tried to pull something like this. She pulled the tall grass covered his face, in order to have a closer look under the faint moonlight.

Much to her surprise, the face of the man lying in front of her was Jack's, no doubt.

Amused by her startled expression, Jack laughed bitterly and said,"Disappointed? I am so sorry that I came to your rescue one step before Jacob."

"You... Why did you... save me?" she asked.

Emily looked at Jack's face with scepticism, wondering if all this was real. The warmth from her body abandoned her quickly, leaving her shivering with doubts.

All of a sudden, frigid tears trickle across Jack's face, as he coughed violently. Emily immediately, patted his chest. However, when she looked at her hand, she smelled a metallic stink lingereing in the air... blood!

At the beginning Emily was too shocked to understand, but now she could see the urgency in the man's features. His skin prickled with pain, and his chest ached with the pounding of his heart...

The wounds inflicted by the big black bear were showing all over his body... But he did not show any signs of suffering before, even when he carried her and swam her across the river. Although washed by the river water, his wounds were still fresh and bleeding profusely.

Under a black sky leached of starlight, the moon above them lit up brightly. Awash in white light, Jack's bleeding wounds stood out in perfect detail.

"Why do you look so sad?" he asked. Jack used the last of his wanning strength to raise the corners of his lips and said,"Is there something wrong with my face? After all, my handsome face is my strongest attribute."

"Stop talking." Unimpressed, Emily disregarded his intentional garble, as she helped him take off his tattered shirt to wrap up his wound. Unfortunately, nothing prevented the blood from permeating the layers of cloth.

"Emily, if you take off my clothes, you need to be responsible for me. Do you hear me?"

"Shut up!"

"I heard tha

! You couldn't find even one single person! Rubbish! All of you are rubbish!" he screamed out of frustration.

Emily had been missing for more than ten hours. If he had known this would have happened, he would not have let her come to this shabby island no matter how much she begged him!

Standing behind Jacob, Sheila feigned the look of a concerned woman, but in her heart she was screaming with joy. 'God has finally listened to my prayers. The woman I envied so much has finally disappeared!

How could a woman like her deserve the noble Mr. Jacob? She should have crawled back into whatever hole she came out from!'

Apart from Sheila, most of the women were gloating, while only a few were really worried about Emily.

Jacob casually glanced around and noticed the corner of Sheila's lips curve up just a bit. Immediately, his eyes filled up with fury as he asked,"Are you laughing?"

Sheila's face stiffened. Looking at the man approaching her, she quickly changed her expression and replied,"No, I am just worried about the safety of Miss Emily..."

"Pah!" A stinging, open handed slap hit her hard across the face. The loudness of the slap struck everyone in the heart.

Sheila's left face was swollen within seconds, but before she could even understand it, Jacob had grabbed her neck with one hand and lifted her from the ground.

In the heat of the moment, his voice sounded like the angel of death, sending shivers down everyone's spine. "We're not sure whether Emily is dead or alive and you're smiling? How dare you smile about such a thing?" asked Jacob.

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