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   Chapter 143 I'm Not Jacob

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Petrified, Emily froze on her path as a ghostly paleness came over her face. A Bear! Why did this happen to her?

Without even a conscious thought, Emily turned around and made a run for it. She could feel the ground tremble as the bear's paws thumped behind her, roaring viciously.

Emily ran like there was no tomorrow. Driven by fear, she forgot about everything, as the bear chased after her.

"Pah!" Emily accidentally stumbled on a stone and fell straight to the ground. When she jerked her head back up, the fierce black bear had caught up to her. With teeth, sharp as white daggers, the bear, brandished its claws, ready to maul her at any moment. Emily shuddered.

"Roar!" The big black bear locked its blood red eyes on her, waiting patiently.

Before she could react, the bear was already coming at her at full pelt. It was a close call, but Emily was lucky enough to find a slope behind, that she could take advantage of. Without wasting another second, she curled up into a ball and rolled down the slope.

In the end, the savage bear watched with disappointment as its prey suddenly disappeared before its eyes.

The slope was not very high, so Emily just rolled for a while before coming to a stop. Although her body was covered with slight bruises, she staggered to her feet and hid behind a big rock. She was in a lot of pain, with her heart pounding in her chest so hard that it almost leapt into her throat.

Why was this happening to her?

A few minutes later, Emily popped her head out from behind the big rock to take a look around. When she was convinced that the coast was clear she breathed a sigh of relief.

Relieved of her fears, Emily still couldn't shake off the feeling that something was wrong. When she gradually turned her head around, she had a panic attack.

The bear had founds its way down to her. This time, when the bear came at her, she didn't even try to move.

Fear had gripped her whole body, incapacitating her. This was the most desperate moment in Emily's entire life.

The first thing that came to her mind was Jacob's face. Every time she was in danger, Jacob would come to her rescue like her guardian angel. Emily wanted to wail for help, but it wouldn't do her any go

nd again.

After a while in the water, their body were starting to get numb with pain. Fatigue was slowly overwhelming them as they struggled to carry on. Finally, the bear gave up its prey and ran away.

This time when the man pressed his lips to hers, it wasn't to blow air into her lungs. This time it was a real kiss. His tongue slithered in her mouth, touching her and tasting her sweetness.

The kiss lasted for a long time. Emily gradually lost her consciousness. Almost senseless, she couldn't even tell just how gently the man was kissing her. He kissed her lips with an intense sentiment of love and tenderness.

When Emily opened her eyes again, she found herself lying on a thick bed of grass. The full moon hung above her head. She assumed it was almost midnight. When she moved to her side, she felt the presence of a man lying next to her.

"Jacob?" Emily tried to wake him up, but he did not respond. She touched his face, only to find that it was cold. Almost as cold as a dead person's face.

Immediately, she started panicking. She hugged the man firmly and cried out loud,"What's the matter with you? Wake up, Jacob! I'm so scared. Please talk to me!"

All of the sudden, the man twitched as his body stiffened for a moment. He slowly reached out his hand and embraced the trembling woman.

"You're awake!" Surprised, Emily cried out in joy, relieved to see him come back to his senses.

The man coughed hoarsely and said," Jacob... I'm Jack."

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