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   Chapter 142 Put Her to Death

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"Believe me! I didn't mean to push you over. It's my body, but I can't control it. I'm trying to, but it's not working," said Jacob, as he rubbed his nose against Emily's. He continued,"As you can see, there's nothing I can do about it."

Speechless, Emily was astounded by the level of Jacob's mischief. What a fresh excuse!

Emily struggled hard to tear herself away from him, but the harder she tried, the closer he got to her. She could even feel his body heat through her clothes.

"You..." The lustful look in Jacob's eyes caused her heartbeat to speed up dramatically.

"Don't move!" he exclaimed. In a low and hoarse voice, he continued,"If you don't stop moving, I have no idea what my body will do next."

Intimidated, Emily was too scared to move, as she gulped a breath nervously. She gradually closed her eyes, as Jacob's handsome face approached one step at a time.

Like a feather brushing over, she felt a soft kiss fall on her smooth forehead.

Soon it was followed with the sound of a click. When Emily opened her eyes, she was surrounded by darkness. She realized that Jacob had turned off the lights.

Jacob released his loving grip on her tender waist and held her in his arms from behind.

How could anyone sleep like that? Discomforted, she wiggled her body, but she heard Jacob's deep and breathy voice from behind,"Can't sleep?"

"Nope..." 'How can I sleep if you hold me so firmly?' Emily thought.

"Since you can't sleep, we can do some exercises in bed. Moreover, it will certainly help you get some sleep." Jacob rested his strong chin on her head and giggled. His warm laugh emitted temptation and desire.

Upon hearing his words, Emily instantly closed her eyes in shame. She forced herself to stop moving and immediately pretended to fall asleep.

Jacob smiled with pleasure and held her more tightly. When he felt her calm and peaceful breath, Jacob closed his eyes.

Over the years, Jacob had dated many women, but none of them affected his heart the same way that Emily did. She didn't even have to do anything to arouse his passion. Her very presence was seductive enough to drive him crazy.

Jacob's feelings were complicated and subtle. He wanted to hold her in his arms and make hot love to her until she cried and begged for mercy. However, he was willing to wait for the day she would give herself to him whole-heartedly.

Perhaps that's how people felt when they fell in love with someone.


The next afternoon, there was a barbecue party

here for a while. We have no idea where she went..."

Jacob turned around with a long face and called Sam on his phone at once "Send people to look for Emily. Search the whole island! Now!" he demanded.

"Eh-hem..." When Emily came to her senses, the first thing she felt was the coldness around her. Her limbs were stiff and she could not move, and the wound on her head was throbbing with pain.

Emily mustered all her strength, and forced herself to sit up. When she looked around, she realized that she floated down the river after she lost consciousness. Fortunately, she was carried to the river bank instead of the sea.

The last thing she remembered was washing her hands by the river, and then suddenly getting pushed from the back. And when she struggled to get ashore, someone hit her on the head with a heavy stone.

The shade of bright purple she saw could be a skirt. What followed next, was completely blank to her. Who would do such thing to her? Who would want her dead?

Emily shook her head. She had no time to think about those questions. The first thing she needed to do was to get herself out of there. Sadly, she didn't have her cellphone with her and she couldn't even tell where she was at that moment...

Soon the twilight faded to blackness, and Emily finally staggered to her feet after resting for a while. She was surrounded by the jungle as she followed her instincts to find her path.

When she heard an indistinct noise coming from ahead, Emily's eyes finally lit up with hope.

"Is anybody there? I need some help. Please!"

Wishfully, she was hoping to hear a person's voice, but instead, she heard the roaring of a bear.

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