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   Chapter 141 I Can Always See Through A Twerp

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Emily was stunned for a moment before she said,"You know what? I was completely baffled by Victor's strange attitude too. I won't hide it from you, but I thought he was being overtly affectionate to me."

It was hard to imagine how a man as cold as Victor would have any desire for her. Turned out Jacob was right to be doubtful of Victor. As for Emily, the most important thing was having her name cleared.

In Jacob's loving arms, Emily was comfortably lost in her thoughts. Suddenly, tearing himself apart from her, Jacob stared at her for a moment and then said,"But, Victor said that it was you who tried to seduce him."

"You've got to be kidding me!" Emily cried out without hesitation. Then she continued,"How could Mr. Victor say something like that?"

"Don't you believe me?" asked Jacob.

"Of course not!"

In an instant, Jacob's facial expression hardened as he scoffed,"Then why should I believe you?

Assuming Jacob was about to blow up in anger, Emily cautiously held his hand and asked,"Did he...really?"

Emily shook her head in disbelief, refusing to believe that Victor would discredit her like that. After all, she was a longtime admirer of Victor's talent and noble character.

"I was reluctant to believe that too," said Jacob. He somehow feigned a smile, as if he had seen right through Emily, and continued,"Victor is not the kind of man who would actively seduce a girl."

Before Jacob said anything else, Emily stared at him with eyes wide open, causing him to abandon his train of thoughts. Moments later, he heard Emily say,"I'll take a guess...may be that man was not Victor. Perhaps it was someone who was impersonating him."

As soon as Emily finished her words, she was awarded with a flick to forehead by Jacob. "Hey!" she glared at him.

"You twerp," Jacob teased Emily.

"But Mr. Victor would not care for me, would he? I feel quite sure about that!" assured Emily.

Jacob agreed with Emily. He also believed that it was impossible for Victor to care for Emily, but he couldn't figure out why Victor would lie to him. "Anyway, stay away from him," insisted Jacob.

"But, we work in the same company..." said Emily, sounding helpless.

"Starting tomorrow, you will work at my family's company again."

"... Okay," Emily answered, as she rubbed her nose and peeked at Jacob's face. Eagerly, she asked,"So, now do you believe me?"

"Sure. Besides, I can always see through a twerp," joked Jacob.

Emily gasped and punched his arm gently.

'I'm glad that you believe in me, but, is it necessary to shatter my confidence by calling me a twerp?' Emily felt wronged.

Soon, they found themselves outside the LA Company. Without wasting time,

till innocent and lovely. She never seems to learn that when a sheep walks into a wolf's cave, the wolf would have the last say.'

To honor his promise, Jacob asked Emily to take the bedroom on the second floor, and he would occupy the one on the first. For the time being, everything seemed to be going quite well.

Before long, the darkness of night took over the skies, and just as Emily was starting to drift off, she felt something heavy press onto the other half of the bed. The next moment, she felt the warm body of a man pressing against her back.

Terrified, Emily's whole body trembled as she sat up straight immediately. When she got up and turned the lights on, she saw the face of a man she was very familiar with.

"Jacob? What are you doing in my bedroom?" she asked without hesitation.

Jacob stared at her face blankly and replied,"I don't know. I couldn't sleep by myself."

Emily was stunned to the point of speechlessness.

'What a ridiculous and lame excuse!'

"You promised me that we would sleep apart," she said. Emily was wide awake. She thought it would be inappropriate for her to spend the night with Jacob in the same room.

Meanwhile, Jacob's eyes glistened under the dim light of the lamp with great desire. It looked like he was going to eat her up in the next minute.

"I know, but I just could not stop myself." Jacob sighed, pretending to be helpless. Then, all of a sudden, he got up and pressed Emily down to the bed and pecked her on the lips. "I didn't mean that. As you can see, I can't control myself now."

Then he deliberately caressed her body with his intrusive hands.

Emily's cheeks blushed when she felt the change of his private part against her body. She finally managed to force a few words from her mouth,"Jacob, jerk!"

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