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   Chapter 140 Will You Be Replaced

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7016

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Emily didn't think that Victor had a crush on her, but she still wanted to clarify the matter and keep her distance from him.

During the following noon, Emily was so tired that she couldn't keep her eyes open. The girl stretched a bit her long and thin arms, laid her head on the office desk and fell asleep almost immediately. At the same time, without her noticing, someone pushed the door of her office open and got inside.

Victor was standing in front of the desk, looking at Emily. His upper lip trembled slightly. In his eyes, there were no emotions.

After a little while, Victor got closer to Emily in the intent to wake her up. He tapped her face with his finger,"Emily?"

Not getting any answers, Victor decided it was better for him to leave since she must have been very tired to be sleeping like that. So, he took off his coat and gently covered Emily's body. Then he left and slowly closed the door.

"Pa!" When the door closed, Emily woke up and her eyes were lucid and very emotional.

When she was fully awake then realized that Victor called her name. At first, she thought that the voice, so gentle and pleasant, was coming from a dream.

Victor... What did that mean?

Emily licked her lips and took off the coat from her back. Her expression was a mixture of contrasting sentiments.

Soon was evening, and as always, Emily was the last to leave the company, and so was Victor. The two people met in the hallway.

"Mr. Victor, you forgot your coat." After a few seconds of hesitation, she timidly handed the coat to him and then said,"You did not have to do it, Mr. Victor. You should have just woke me up."

The man took the coat from her hands. His expression was as cold as a snow mountain.

He folded the coat over his lower arm, then chuckled and asked,"You didn't like it?"

Emily said without any further hesitation,"I didn't like it."

Victor was struck by her coldness,"I don't believe you."

Emily was suddenly pressed against the wall. Her big eyes flashed with surprise and fear.

"Mr. Victor, you..."

"I like you, Don't you know it?" s

him in this moment. Then, just after a few seconds, he came up with an idea. "I was... I... I was testing her. I wanted to check whether she is really loyal to you solely."

Jacob sneered,"You must be really worried for me then! "

"Yes, I am."

Jacob stared straight at Victor, and that fires vanished from his eyes. He then warned Victor,"This is the only chance I gave you to be forgiven. No matter why, from now on, you must stay away from her. If you behave, we still could be friend."

Then Jacob left, while Victor remained at his position; in the room there still was a tense atmosphere "Well..."

'Jacob must like this woman more than I imagined', Victor thought, 'For this time, It is better to stop here.'

Meanwhile, Emily was standing outside the door, trying to grasp as much she could listen, but with no great results. When Jacob came out, she ran into him.

Jacob grabbed Emily by both arms and tightened the grip as he asked,"What did you do while I was away? Did you do something you would regret? Speak!"

"I don't... it was Mr. Victor... he ..." It was difficult for her to explain, both because she was still shocked by what had happened and also the Jacob's grip was so hurting that she was almost suffocating.

Jacob had no expression. "What do you want to say? It was him who was bothering you?"

Emily nodded,"Yeah, yes."

"Do you think I'll buy it?"

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