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   Chapter 139 So Closely Watched Over

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7689

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"Is that true?" asked Jacob.

Emily couldn't tell for sure what was on Jacob mind. "Yes, it's true. You can ask Mr. Victor if you don't believe me," she said.

"I believe you," said Jacob.

Emily was about to breathe a sigh of relief, when she heard the man say,"But you had dinner with another man without telling me. I am not happy about that."

"I didn't have dinner with him behind your back. Besides it was only Mr. Victor," said Emily.

"What about him? Is he not a man?" Although Victor assured Jacob that he wasn't interested in Emily, Jacob still felt uncomfortable trusting Victor around Emily.

Not to mention the fact that Emily admired Victor a lot as a designer, which made Jacob even more unhappy. How dare she undermine his authority!

Emily casually brushed off his insecurities and said,"Don't make such a fuss out of nothing..."

"Me? Make a fuss out of nothing?" said Jacob. Emily's lack of concern for his feelings made him even more angry. Jacob raised his voice,"You ungrateful woman! You didn't even think to call me and now you're brave enough to tell me that I am making a fuss..."

For a brief moment, Emily felt like Jacob was acting like an immature girlfriend from a typical love story... It was only a dinner. Besides, Victor was just her mentor.

"Okay, it's all my fault..." Emily submitted. Feeling helpless, Emily saw no point in arguing with Jacob. Instead she decided to appease the man, and said,"You aren't making a fuss out of nothing, okay?"

Satisfied with her response, Jacob said,"I'm sending Sam to pick you up now."

"..." She didn't even get to the main course yet.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Jacob asked eagerly.

Confused, Emily wondered what Jacob mean. She asked,"What else?"

With a cheeky grin on his face, Jacob said,"Tell me whether you missed me or not?"

"..." Emily knew that Jacob wouldn't stop pestering her if she had not given him a satisfactory answer. She put her hand over her mouth and whispered,"I've missed you."

Contented, Jacob finally hung up the phone.

Finally Emily breathed a sigh of relief. She put her cellphone into her pocket, and carried the clothes into the compartment, thinking about what Victor had said to her when she was on the phone.

The timing! Could victor be doing

ing down the stairs, she overheard some employees whispering to each other.

"Can you tell me why Miss Bai was so popular with men? There are unscrupulous rumours about Miss Bai flying about. First the elder son of the Gu Family, then Mr. Jacob, and now Mr. Gao."

"You are right. I can't believe that even someone as elusive as Mr. Gao cannot resist the charms of Miss Bai."

"I don't know whether Mr. Gu knows about it or not. She must be very bold to stand on two ships at the same time. Who knows, may be she's standing on several ships behind Mr. Gu's back..."


Utterly dumbfounded by their scandalous assertions, Emily's face went blank. Over the years she had grown a thick skin towards rumours, but she did not appreciate the fact that there were rumours about her and Victor passing around now.

Was there really something wrong with their relationship?

Disheartened, Emily turned to another direction and left without saying anything. Indeed, she had been spending a lot of time with Victor over the past few days, and they had grown quite friendly...

However, their friendship was built on a professional relationship. So far she thought that she was doing well to maintain a considerable distance, especially, since Jacob had told her not to have dinner with Victor alone. Besides, it's not like they kept in touch outside of the company...

Did those people have nothing better to think about? Or maybe there was really something going on and she just didn't realized it. Was she so deplorable?

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