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   Chapter 138 Do You Dislike The Smell Of Wax Gourd On Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8248

Updated: 2019-02-16 01:47

Because of the Charity Jewelry Auction, a lot of new markets opened up for LA Jewelry, which established their reputation in Jingshi City. Now, they were knee deep in orders because of the event. Jacob was currently away on a business trip. Because he did not bring Emily with him this time, he had Sam stay behind, in Jingshi City, to protect her.

While Jacob was away, Victor finally came back from his trip abroad.

Emily was ecstatic when she heard Victor was back. She rushed to the airport to pick him up.

When she got there, the airport was full of people arriving and waiting.

Emily scanned the crowd and saw a man wearing a windbreaker by the exit, a cold expression on his face.

Emily jogged towards him, her arm up in a wave, and yelled,"Mr. Victor! You're finally back!"

Victor looked up when he heard his name and saw Emily run towards him. She was healthy, full of energy and life. Emily was lucky to experience all those. If Anne hadn't gone through that accident, she would have been running as free and alive as Emily.

With Anne in his mind, Victor's cold eyes softened with a gleam for a second. It disappeared before Emily saw it.

Emily ran towards Victor, who had the cold expression back on his face. She reached for his luggage to help him but Victor stopped her with his arm.

"I can do that myself."

Emily was surprised at his tone. "Um, okay." Victor seemed different this time, Emily thought. He would stare at her face every now and then, but when she looked back, Emily saw nothing in his eyes. It all felt like an illusion to her. Victor seemed strange.

Victor looked back at Emily again, his eyes different this time. He lessened the coldness in his eyes and made it a little more tender. He asked Emily,"How are you doing, working by yourself in LA Jewelry?"

"It's fine." Emily continued to tell Victor about what happened to LA Jewelry after the auction.

Victor listened patiently to Emily's story. He gave her a few tips and advice whenever she paused. It was a good conversation, a harmonious one, and Emily enjoyed it.

As they pull out of the airport, Victor invited Emily to have lunch with him. Emily was honored. Here was a respected designer, admired by many for years, and who had helped her so many times, invited her to lunch. She accepted without hesitation.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they were ushered inside a private room. They sat next to each other and discussed jewelry w

is choppy here. Hello? Hello! I can't hear you. Can you hear me?" she said.

Jacob chuckled,"Naughty little girl."

Emily clearly imagined the bright smile on Jacob's face. Her phone was glued to her ears and she could clearly hear Jacob's voice. "I'm not a little girl anymore," she muttered in a low, unhappy voice.

Right after she uttered those words, Victor's voice bellowed from inside the private room. "Emily, did you get the shirt?"

"Yeah-" Emily shouted back. She saw the shirt in her hand and remembered why she was out there. But she immediately realized something was wrong.

Emily heard nothing but silence on the other end of the phone.

"Jacob? You still there?" Emily called out Jacob's name. She knew something was wrong.

"Who's with you? Where are you now? What are you doing there?" Jacob asked with no emotions in his voice. Emily couldn't figure out what Jacob felt at that moment. But she had a guess.

'Maybe Jacob has misunderstood the situation.'

Because Jacob was very jealous and possessive about her, Emily took her time before she spoke, careful not to agitate the situation,"It's not what you think, Jacob. Let me explain."

"Okay, explain."

"Mr. Victor just got back to Jingshi City. And I picked him up at the airport. We're just having lunch. The waiter was about to serve the hot soup but she tripped and spilled the hot soup. Mr. Victor covered me to protect me and the soup spilled on him. I got a clean shirt from the waiter and I'm here outside the room where we're eating, ready to give it to him." Emily explained without taking a break, her throat parched from all the talking.

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