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   Chapter 137 Love Is Blind

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"The starting bid for this item is 50 million." After the host explicitly announced the starting bid in a clear and unambiguous voice, everyone present in the hall was shocked.

The cost of a single gem brooch with a slight defect cost 50 million! How incredible!

In the audience, Emily was astounded to see the gem brooch she designed start at such a remarkable price. She tugged at Jacob's sleeve to pull him closer, and whispered,"Why did you put it on auction for that much? It's too expensive..."

Emily's warm breath gently blew across his Jacob's ear making him smile from ear to ear. "It's worth it," Jacob whispered back.

On the contrary, Emily was thinking just the opposite. Actually, she thought nobody would want it. She wondered why it had been repaired, since it was in perfect shape when she returned it to Jacob.

The outrageous starting bid caused most of the people on the scene to abandon their hopes of buying the brooch. Nonetheless, some people still tried to make offers just so they could curry favor with Jacob

"Fifty one million."

"Fifty two million."

"Fifty two million and five hundred thousand."


"Eighty million." The deep and determined voice, which shouted the highest bid, caught everybody's attention.

When people looked over, they found that it was actually Jacob who had made the outrageous bid. As a matter of act, Jacob never had any intentions of selling it. He just wanted to use the auction as an excuse to donate money to charity. Besides, Jacob wasn't going to let go of Emily's award winning work.

Only Jacob would think of something so flamboyant to dote on Emily. After all, he was a classy man.

After his bid, everyone else in the room went silent. Since Jacob wanted the brooch, no one else would dare to outbid him. Unless, they wished to dig their own graves.

The only person who disagreed with him was Emily. Baffled by his exuberance, she said,"That's too much! Why do you have to buy it at such a high price? "

"What? You want to help me save some money?" Jacob jested. Amused, Jacob looked at her with loving eyes. He pinched her cheek and said,"Like I said, it's worth every single penny, and you are as well."

Emily's cheeks blushed rosy red as she timidly pushed his hand away and said,"Don't do that when everybody's watching."

Just when everyone thought Jacob was going to win the item, a familiar voi

and final jewel collected by Jacob, he became the biggest donator in the charity auction. When the auction ended, both Jacob and Emily were showered with compliments from everyone.

"Mr. Jacob, you and Ms. Emily look wonderful together. You two are a perfect match."

Clearly this guy made a good impression on Jacob with his flatteries. Jacob was so pleased to hear what he had said that he offered him a deal right away.

Sam was starting to get worried, because he was afraid that if Jacob carried on like that, he would become a self-indulgent ruler...

Tina silently sat in one place, as she looked at the couple walking side by side. Grimacing, she took a deep breath to vent some steam.

All of a sudden, a big hand came in from behind and grasped her hand softly. "Tina?"

Tina turned around to find her brother standing behind. Her eyes seemed to have eased up a bit but she was still unhappy. She assured him,"Don't worry. I will not be impulsive this time."

Tina couldn't see the disappointment and sadness in Mark's face when he heard that. "You can be impulsive if you want. I'll be there to protect you," he said.

Mark had grown tired of watching Tina's melancholy disposition every day. He no longer cared whether he would be at odds with Jacob's family, just as long as he could make his sister happy.

"No, he'll hate me for it. I don't want that," she replied. Obsessed, Tina looked at Jacob pensively and then said,"Mark, I know what I need to do."

Finding the determination in Tina's words, Mark backed off and swallowed his thoughts. "... Fine," said Mark.

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