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   Chapter 136 Everything Here Is Affordable For Your Man

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Nora smiled complacently, while Rita still looked at her impassively before she said," But it is a pity that you are not bold enough to play this game. If I were you, I would have pushed a lot harder. At the very least, hard enough to cause an miscarriage. How petty you are to try and prove that David cares about you by hurting yourself. I could never stoop down to your level."

All of a sudden, Nora's expression became stiff. Soon, she feigned her painful expression again.

When David stood beside the two of them, he squatted down and hugged Nora. Having seen the blood on Nora's forehead, he frowned and then immediately took out his handkerchief to press it on the wound. "What the hell is going on?" David yelled.

Seeing the two women squabbling and even starting to fight put David on edge. However, in truth, David was more concerned about Rita's well-being. Therefore, when he saw Nora was the one on the ground and not Rita, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

David was so glad to find that Rita was safe. He was certain that Rita and the baby would not be able to survive such an accident.

Teary-eyed, Nora looked miserable. "I found Rita standing here, and when I asked her why she had left, she got mad at me out of the blue... David, it's fine. Rita didn't mean it... I don't blame her," said Nora, as she feigned her innocence.

Nora was confident that her acting prowess would succeed in gaining the trust and sympathy of others. However, Nora derived more satisfaction from the fact that Rita could do nothing to dispute what she was saying.

David glared at Rita, grim-faced. He was waiting on Rita's explanation.

Rita nodded indifferently and answered casually," Yes, Nora is not lying."

Baffled, Nora didn't know how to react as she found Rita's audacity unfathomable. Why would Rita accept her fault without any excuses? Did she willingly send the helve after the hatchet? Did she not care about what David would think?

Meanwhile, David maintained his cool like frost covering his face. He would have appreciated a proper explanation rather than such a perfunctory answer. Rita's casual answer made him feel like he was just an insignificant person to her, a person she didn't even care to talk.

"Apologize!" he yelled at Rita.

The present scenario was so familiar to Rita that it reminded her of the old days when Nora would play the same trick to frame her. Unfortunately, back then she was so young and naive that she fell for those tricks every time. The harder she tried to defend herself, the more hatred she received from the Xu Family, especially

e price, as it would be unethical.

Tina on the other hand, did not think along the same lines.

Tina kept a watchful eye on Emily, as if she was obsessed with her. Just as long as Emily was interested in a jewelry, Tina would immediately make a high priced bid to acquire the item.

Somehow Tina derived her pleasure from this. She wanted to take away anything Emily liked, because in Tina's opinion, Emily didn't deserve to own any of it. Tina took pettiness to a whole new level.

Secretly watching Emily and Jacob being intimate, drove her so mad that she accidentally broke the finger nail she had just gotten polished today.

The slight crack on her broken nail drew Mark's attention. Mark asked," Tina, are you all right?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine," Tina answered slowly. For a moment the jealousy and hatred that had disappeared from her eyes, became visible again.

Finally, the auctioneers revealed the last jewelry at the end of the auction.

"The last one on auction is a gem brooch, donated by Mr. Jacob of the Gu Consortium..." The introduction the host gave immediately drew the attention of all the people there. "This gem brooch is designed by Miss Emily. She was awarded the winner of the 'International Jewelry Design' for designing this very brooch. Although it was slightly damaged due to unknown reasons, it has been restored to its original condition after careful repair..."

The gem brooch attracted everyone's attention. Most of them there attended the auction just to see Jacob. They assumed that the winner of the gem brooch Jacob had donated, would have a higher chance of winning his favor.

As soon as the introduction was over, everyone was ready to bid for the gem brooch and impress Jacob.

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