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   Chapter 135 A Family Fails to See Truth

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David was touched by Rita's thoughtfulness when she said that this was to bless their baby. He was so giddy that he didn't mind Rita's ignorance, and he simply said,"This set of sapphire jewelry looks great, but the facets of the diamonds are too sharp..."

Rita continued to bid and carried on ignoring David, without even looking at him.

Nora found David's limitless tolerance towards Rita's arrogance hard to swallow. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Back in the day, it would always be Rita who would run after David, but now the tides had turned. David was putting up with Rita's arrogance like a loyal servant. What happened?

'The only person David ever cared about like that was me. What's going on now?' Nora pondered.

Although Nora was outraged, she managed to control her anger and calm herself down. She pulled David's sleeve and pointed at the beautiful jewelry on the auction stage. "I like that, David," said Nora.

David turned to her indifferently and said,"Just bid for anything you like."

When Nora was about to nod and say,"thank you", Rita turned to her with a smile and said,"Oops, I like the one you want as well."

Nora quietly clenched her fists and played the pose of humility. "Of course since Rita likes it, I will let her have it..."

Nora played it like she was the one being considerate and thoughtful, while Rita was being selfish and asocial.

As usual, it worked quite effectively. David frowned at what Nora had said, but before he could say anything, Rita responded slowly,"Let me? Wait, let me make this clear. You didn't do anything. I bid for it myself."

With a smug look on her face, Rita announced her bid loud and clear. "Five million!"

David rubbed his forehead to relieve his headache. He helplessly looked Nora and said,"Never mind. Don't mind her. There will be better one in the next auction."

Nora sighed in resignation and then innocently nodded at David, before she went on to check out the other jewelries on the next auction. However, much to Nora's disappointment, Rita bade on every piece of jewelry Nora picked. It was becoming seemingly clear that Rita was trying to go up against Nora, as she didn't give Nora any chance to get what jewelry she wanted.

This carried on until David realized how upset Nora was. He couldn't sit there idly any longer, so he said,"Rita, are you doing this on purpose?"

After all, Nora was David's childhood friend. How could he stand by and do nothing for Nora when she was so upset?

"So what?" Rita sai

led Nora's weakness. Nora could no longer control her emotions anymore as she yelled at Rita,"Who the hell do you think you are? I am the only one David truly loved. You're just carrying his baby. So what?"

Infuriated, Nora gradually started walking over to Rita. Finally her true face was starting to show. Everyone in the Xu family thought that Nora was just an innocent little girl, but the truth was far from reality, as deep down, under all the facade, Nora was just a selfish and evil person.

In fact, it was quite ridiculous how everyone failed to see the truth!

Rita kept her cool and made it appear as if Nora's words didn't affect her at all. Her indifference, irritated Nora even more. Nora couldn't stand Rita's placid and calm attitude.

In a frenzy of anger, Nora's actions were driven by her lack of self control as she went forward and pushed Rita.

Utterly shocked by Nora's disgraceful behavior, Rita never thought that Nora could be so cruel and heartless. Rita, instinctively, put one hand on her belly to protect the baby and stretched out the other to push Nora away.

Although Rita was not able to push Nora very hard, somehow Nora slipped and fell down backwards, hitting her head against the steps. "Ahhh! It hurts!" Nora cried out in pain.

Rita was still trembling in shock, as she held her belly. Gradually coming back to her senses, Rita realized that something was wrong. The next moment she heard David screaming at her with full force,"What are you doing?"

Rita was finally able to see the full picture. She had played right into Nora's little trap.

"Wow! That was quite a performance, Nora. You've really outdone yourself this time."

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