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   Chapter 134 Priceless Pleasure

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The woman smiled brightly, showing her lovely dimples. She said,"Hello! I'm Nora Mo. David and Rita are my friends."

The way Nora was speaking, she seemed too close with David. But he didn't avoid or stop her. It seemed that David was already used to it.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Emily Bai." She nodded as Emily introduced herself. Emily turned to Rita and noticed her facial expression was a little impatient. Hence, Emily immediately said,"Come in please."

As a woman, Emily's intuition told her that their relationship must have been a little difficult to analyze.

"Rita, let me help you." Nora said with enthusiasm as she went toward Rita. She reached out and extended her hands to show sincerity. But Rita just ignored Nora's hand.

"No thanks! But I think I don't need your help." Rita didn't even look at her, answering Nora in an unkind manner.

Nora was embarrassed at Rita's reaction. She didn't know how to respond. She pressed her lips and there was an upset and injustice expression flashed across her face. With a soft and lowly voice, she said "I just wanted to help you. I just...".

David who was watching them silently, suddenly spoke. "Rita, what kind of attitude is that?! You are being rude with Nora!".

"Well, you know the reason, right?". Rita sneered. Before today, no matter what she said or do to him, David wouldn't get annoyed. But this time, unexpectedly, when she was rude to Nora, he immediately came to her rescue.


"Okay the auction was about to start. Let's come inside now." Without hesitation, Emily stopped them immediately. She instantly took Rita inside and whispered,"What's going on there?". Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm fine."? With a grimly smile, Rita answered,"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing."

When David and Rita were still married, Nora was David's sister-in-law, wife of his second eldest brother. However, Nora managed to have a hold of David and was able to stay by his side. And to make things worse, Nora was the woman David cherished so much for so many years, but they didn't end up being together. It could lead to a conclusion that Nora was part of the reason of their divorce.

But now that Rita thought about it, she felt that she should be thankful to Nora. It was Nora who made her realized and brought her to reality that David didn't love her from the very beginning. It was good that Rita was able to leave him and free herself from a marriage that has no love at all.

Even though they were already divorced, Rita was intentionally trying to come between David and Nora. She simply wanted to pissed them off.

Seeing Rita sneered and walked away from him, David felt irritated. With such a rude attitude, was she trying to embar

er really intended to work. He would just enjoy his life and do nothing; but now, he began working for their branch company at Z country. Why did Rita always look down on him? Why did he look so small to her?

Nora was at loss for words all of a sudden after hearing what Rita said. After a while, she said,"Fine. But...But... As you said, it's his family's hard-earned money. How can you just waste it? That's ridiculous..."

"Ridiculous? Why it is ridiculous?" Raising her eyebrows, Rita said,"This is a charity auction, so all the money I spend is to help the charity which would also be a good way to remember and bless my unborn child. And, this baby is also a Xu."

Rita didn't even tell Nora that David had gave her all of his properties and put it under her name. If Nora would learn about this, for sure this bitch might pass out of anger and jealousy.

She felt satisfied! It was so pleasing to her that she was able to irritate and upset someone who she hated.

Nora didn't know how to answer or to refute what Rita has said. She looked at David, her eyes asking him for help.

David wasn't able to see Nora's look for he turned to Rita and saw her bright smile and her eyes that were full of happiness. It was the first time that he was able to see her smile like this. Pressing his lips, he gave up and signed. Finally he said,"As long as you are happy."

Nora bit her lip and remain silent while she watched Rita on how she spent the money like there was no tomorrow. David just kept on looking at Rita and said a few words from time to time.

"The quality of this bracelet seems not a good one, but it is chic and beautiful. It's good to take it as a collection..."

Rita ignored what he just said. She only cared about her feelings of enjoyment in spending the money that was given to her.

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