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   Chapter 133 A Belittled Girl

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"I'm so sorry, Mr. Jacob. I was just drunk or else I should not have offended your girl. I swear! Please, forgive me!"

Before Juan could finish these words, Jacob's hands clenched around his jacket and pushed him against the wall. "Then I will sober you up!" Jacob growled, his eyes filled with pure rage.

Then Jacob kicked Juan so hard in the belly that this one had to bend down. Juan cried and screamed as he was kicked a second time, and then a third time, at the fourth kick he was almost about to throw up all he had drunk so far. In the end, after being beaten up pretty well, he stopped crying. He seemed to be exhaling his last gasps before falling unconscious to the ground.

Emily was standing beside them, frozen and shocked by the scene in front of her eyes. She shuddered as Jacob turned to look at her, just after he threw Juan to the ground like he was not a human but rather a bag of dirty trash,"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," Jacob frowned,"Come here."

"... Okay."

Emily walked obediently toward Jacob; as she was approaching she cast a glance to Juan who was still lying on the ground with his face covered in blood. So Jacob assured her,"Do not worry. He won't die."

"Uh," Emily sighed as a sign of relief, and could not help but thump Juan a bit with her foot before running to Jacob.

Emily was so innocent and so cute in doing so that Jacob let out a hearty laugh. Just after, that dark cloud that was into his eyes, slowly faded away,"I don't care. If you want, you can kick him harder."

Emily turned her head back, and without further hesitations, she started kicking the man still lying unconscious.

"Good girl. Now come here." Jacob gently grabbed her hand and slowly dragged it below his nose; after he was sure that the girl was not hurt, he folded his arms around her waist and softly whispered into her ear,"I would put you in my pocket to keep you away from all the harms in this world."

Emily raised her head and unconsciously twisted her lips. Her face looked puzzled, as she was trying to figure out whether Jacob was speaking the truth or not.

"I'm just kidding," added Jacob awkwardly.

Relieved by hearing this, she didn't give much importance to what he said, and turned back to all the chaos around,"What should we do with this mess? Maybe we should clean it up."

But they had not that much time to waste. Moreover, she looked pretty much worried about the situation and seemed very uncomfortable.

"Someone else would clean up later," said Jacob curtly.

He was right. Just after they left, several men, probably

would not fancy her this much.

Plus, she can always find a way to bother my sister, ' he thought, holding a little smirk under his lips, 'But either way, ' recollecting his thoughts, 'If she or others will hurt just a finger of my sister, they will have an hard time with me, ' he thought angrily.

In the meanwhile, Emily was surprised to see both Tina and Mark here. Even though she sent the invitations to the Tao family just for politeness, she didn't expect that they would actually come.

'They must be here for Jacob, ' staring at them, Emily thought, 'He must be the only reason why Tina is here.'

With this idea in her mind, Emily turned back heading to the entrance; she was waiting for someone. "Oh, there you are!" she cried happily when she saw Rita and David just walking through the door.

"Rita, I am glad you are here!" taken by excitement, Emily grabbed Rita's hands and tried to give her a hug, but this was impossible because Rita's belly was way too big right now. Emily said,"I'm sorry I didn't visit you. I've been so busy all these days. You didn't have to come. You should stay home and rest."

Rita smiled, took Emily's hands and they both rubbed her belly,"Don't worry. Even my doctor told me to go out a little more often. Plus, how can I ignore an invitation from one of my best friends!"

Touched by these words, Emily smiled at her friend and was about to take Rita to her seat so as to chat and recover the last few days gossip with her. But when she glanced at David, she noticed the presence of a fourth person. It was a beautiful girl, standing just next to him, and those two looked like more than just friends.

"David, why don't you introduce your friend to me?" Emily said.

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