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   Chapter 132 Name Your Price

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7754

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The woman fell to the ground and cried out in pain, catching the attention of everyone present there. However, since they all knew that Jacob was in a bad mood, they did not dare to utter a word against him.

Frightened and worried, Emily pulled Jacob by his sleeves as she persuaded him in a low voice,"What are you doing? Do not hurt her..."

Emily felt uncomfortable when she saw what the woman did to Jacob, but she didn't expect Jacob to lash out at her like that.

"I'm not hurting her," he said. Jacob spoke to Emily in a gentle voice but his expression was still stern. "You saw what happened. She was the one who came to seduce me. I just tried to get rid of her," said Jacob casually.

"Well...Okay," she replied. Emily had a happy feeling in her heart, even though she could not figure out the reason. She could not help smiling at Jacob, as the corners of her mouth bent upwards.

Almost everyone present there witnessed first-hand just how much Jacob cared about Emily. Who would be stupid enough to seduce Jacob now? Only someone with a death wish!

"Mr. Jacob, don't you like her? It's okay. I will call more girls for you and you can pick whichever you like."

Juan was really bad at taking a hint or one could say that new-born calves did not fear tigers. As for the others, they were just happy to watch the show, after all, some of them were really jealous of him for his company could collaborate with Jacob's, and who knew what would happen once he got on Jacob's nerve.

Driven mad with rage, Jacob's anger was starting to seep through his eyes. Fortunately, a pair of soft hands held Jacob's strong hands, suggesting him to keep his cool.

"That won't be necessary. Get out of my sight!" yelled Jacob in harsh tone. Besides, he did not want to lower his standards by arguing with a playboy in public.

Jacob held Emily's hand and stroked it gently. Emily timidly tried to draw her hand back, but Jacob tightened his grip, preventing her from pulling away.

Emily's rosy cheeks blushed red within seconds. She only intended to give Jacob a gentle reminder; little did she know that her action would turn into a public display of affection...

Finally, Juan sensed that Jacob was angry. He still did not know why Jacob was angry, but he was smart enough to know that it was not

heard a man's voice come from behind him that sent chills down his spine.

"So, you're saying that she is the one who seduced you, right?"

Juan slowly turned around with great reluctance. The sight of the man standing near the back-light area sobered him up almost instantaneously. "Mister... Mr. Jacob, what are you doing here?" he stuttered.

Emily took the advantage of the moment and delivered an open-handed, tight slap right across Juan's face, with all her strength, leaving a red welt behind.

Immediately, Juan's face swelled up as he looked at Emily in disbelief, and said,"How dare you..."

Before he could even finish his words, he was knocked over to the ground by a great force from behind. The next moment, his face was mercilessly bombarded with a barrage of punches one after another.

"Mistake! It was a mistake, Mr. Jacob!" Juan desperately pleaded. Juan wasted no time to beg for mercy as he hid in the corner. At that moment, he was truly fearing for his life.

Driven berserk with fury, Jacob unleashed his full wrath on Juan. He was like a blood-thirsty demon, full of fiery terror. The icy coldness spilling from his dark eyes indicated that a terrible storm was about to befall Juan.

Having realized the gravity of his mistakes and seeing Jacob like that, made Juan's blood freeze as he cowered in the corner, begging for mercy!

He felt so remorseful that he wanted to slap himself for flirting with Jacob's girl.

"Mistake?" Jacob repeated the word slowly and continued,"Do you think I'm stupid?"

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