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   Chapter 131 Being Mrs. Gu Doesn't Need Brains Nor Ability

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Day by day at the Gu Consortium, Jack was beginning to notice a different kind of connection between Jacob and Emily. They had a subtle mutual understanding, an ability to read each other's body language without too many words.

Also, the way Emily looked at Jacob was completely different. She once had fear and obedience in her eyes, but now a hint of delight crossed her face every time her eyes met his.

Jack couldn't bear the fact that Emily never looked at him in that manner. Was she really in love with Jacob?

He could perhaps understand why she would like Jacob's status, but it didn't seem like that was the case. Accepting that she might actually love him was hard for him.

He had a lot of confusing feelings about that, a mix of pain, jealousy, and regret. If he hadn't broken up with her, she and Jacob would not have the opportunity to be together.

He shouldn't have let her go. She should be his! Why did he give her to Jacob?!

During another meeting, Emily and Jack's opinions clashed again. She was already a full-time, permanent employee there, due to the success of the last project. Even though she didn't quite have all her paperwork in order, everybody turned a blind eye for Jacob's sake.

Besides, Emily could hold her own if anybody dared to question that. She was becoming an assertive, smart and capable woman, the woman she was always meant to be.

"Jack, I don't agree with your plan. You always look only at the interests of the company, which is great. But to build a good reputation, we need to consider the needs of our consumers..." insisted Emily.

Looking at this woman who spoke freely with passion and a confident smile, Jack was baffled and frustrated all at once. Where did the Emily he knew go, the one who was once soft-spoken and sweet?

She had completely changed from the inside out. She was more polished and dazzling in her mannerisms, like a pearl which had been cleaned from all its shell's impurities.

But she was not his anymore.

"Ah, please..." Jack declared on a satirical tone. He then proceeded to get up and walk out of the meeting room, ignoring the shocked looks of everyone in there.

Emily was slightly surprised too, but she didn't give it much thought and went back to her point.

They had gotten used to it anyway since Jack and Jacob had not been on the same page for a long time either. So it was expected for Jack not to treat Emily too well. In his mind, he could only see her as Jacob's woman and his ex... not as a co-worker or

his actions. Mr. Gu was really trying his patience, but he had to outsmart him.

Even though he didn't want to openly show concern for Emily, Jacob did hire others to protect her secretly. After rescuing her from the earthquake, Emily had been constantly targeted by Mr. Gu.

Jacob knew he wasn't going to stop.

So he had to increase safety measures. If he couldn't protect the woman he loved, then what kind of a man would he be?

That night, Jacob decided to attend a dinner party. He brought Emily along and always kept her close by.

In the ballroom, the drinks were being circulated left and right.

Juan Lin, from the Lin Group, was excitedly trying to pitch Jacob about a business deal. Seeing that he was open to the possibility of working together made Juan keep pouring more and more wine down his throat in celebration. In his mind, partnering with Jacob would raise his family's status.

With his left hand holding the waist of a woman with heavy make-up, and his right hand holding a raised cup of wine, Juan proposed a toast," Jacob, I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity. You will not regret it. I am sure we will be successful in this together!"

He then skipped clinking glasses and gulped one more cup adding," I'll make sure you have a good time today!"

As soon as he uttered those words, he pushed the scantily clothed woman beside him towards Jacob ordering her," Go and make him happy!"

With quick reflexes, Jacob stepped out of the woman's path before she even touched him. She stumbled and was almost about to fall, before she regained her balance.

With angry eyes, full of despise Jacob yelled," Get away both of you!"

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