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   Chapter 130 Will You Marry Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9428

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Life was unforgiving and inconsiderate! It was difficult for Emily to live with these memories, as it would be for any other person.

'If I end my life, will the pain that have accompanied me for so long end with my death? Will these memories disappear and never bother me again?' thought Emily, hopelessly.

When Emily had abandoned all hopes and given up herself to despair and death, she suddenly heard the faint voice of a man coming from above her head.

"I saved your life, not so you can give up on yourself like that!

Emily, do you think you can decide whether you live or die? Do you think it's that simple?

Your life is mine. I command you to save yourself!"

These were the words that Jacob had said to her in the past... Recalling what Jacob had said, Emily suddenly realized that there were people in the world who cared a great deal about her and wanted her to live a happy life.

For so long it seemed like Emily had been walking on ice all alone, that she thought she would freeze to death, but in the end she didn't expect to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

'I can't give up and die so easily!

I want to live, and to live well. From now on, I won't let anything take away my happiness from me!' Emily's resolve grew stronger.

Suddenly, Emily opened her eyes. It was still dark around, but this time she had the courage to face it, because she knew that her man was just beside her to accompany her out of the darkness.

"Jacob, you knew about everything, right?" Emily spoke with a hoarse voice, feeling a slight twinge in her nose.

Jacob remained silent for half a second, with a trace of tension on his face. He then said in a low voice,"Emily, you..."

Emily interrupted him with a self-deprecating joke,"I was already impure..."

Tina said that she did not deserve to be called "Emily", as the name meant "pure and smart", which was quite reasonable.

Just as the words fell from her lips, Jacob held her tightly in his arms again, and pulled her face close to a loving kiss. Her body seemed to have melted into his arms, and for a moment, they were fused together as his lips locked onto hers like he would never let go.

Jacob's passionate and endearing kiss left Emily dazed and dizzy. Jacob hugged her so tightly that she could feel a slight pain on her ribs. He stayed like that for a while before he loosened his grip around her. Soon she heard Jacob's captivating voice.

"In my heart, you are always going to be the purest girl in the world," Jacob whispered in her ears.

For some reason Jacob's last sentence sounded more beautiful than anything she had ever heard in her life.

Jacob knew that Emily had recovered from her nightmare of pain and suffering. But thinking of what she had suffered, he had more sympathy for her. "The video in Tina's

d Jacob's neck. She paused for a few seconds before she asked,"Jacob, will you still marry Tina?"

Obviously Emily knew well that Jacob didn't like Tina, but since Tina had said that they would be married in order to strengthen the relationship between the Gu clan and the Tao clan…

"No, I won't." Jacob answered without hesitation and continued in a definitive tone,"I will marry you."

As the words fell from his lips, both of them stood there, stunned.

Even Jacob did not know when he had gotten the idea of marrying her. Initially, he would have thought it was too soon for them to get married, but seeing the nervousness and desperation in Emily's face when she brought up Tina's name, convinced him that it was a good idea.

As soon as the idea came to him, he smiled and looked deeply into Emily's eyes, before he asked,"Emily, will you marry me?"

"You must be joking," replied Emily. Compared to Jacob, Emily was a little panic-stricken.

In the past, Emily would have been able to talk to Jacob about marriage comfortably, but that was before she realized how much she really liked Jacob. However, after she confessed her love to Jacob, things were completely different and she could no longer take the topic of marriage as a joke.

Emily didn't know whether Jacob was just joking, but it was too early for them... Not to mention the external factors, such as family, power, social status and so on. Emily felt that their relationship was not steady enough to get married yet. At the very least... they needed to get along well for a while before they could even consider getting married.

Jacob's eyes lost their glow, but soon he adjusted his mood. He realized that Emily was not ready to marry him.

'At least this is better than before. There will be plenty of time to make her my wife with her own willingness. I'm in no hurry, ' thought Jacob.

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