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   Chapter 127 I Think It Is Worth It, And Then It Is Worth It.

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Sam swallowed unconsciously, then he continued to speak,"Miss Emily was caught as well, but she was saved before the worst could happen. She saw the suspect raping the young girls. Luckily, when he turned to Miss Emily, the police arrived and handcuffed the raper before he could even touch her. Nevertheless, Miss Emily was still deeply scared."

"Eventually the suspect was sentenced to death. Although Miss Emily did not get any real harm form this experience, there were many rumors at that time. People started talking, and soon Miss Emily's family had all the city's eyes on them. Since they were already upset by the whole trial process, being surrounded by all those rumors was not helping her mental condition at all, thus all her family moved to the Haicheng City."

"For a very long time, the old memories of what happened where still haunting the poor girl. But despite all of the troubles, Miss Emily was still able to bury deep down the pain, and with time, she slowly forgot about it and gradually get back to her normal life."

When Sam finished talking, Jacob felt like he was sinking in the water. It was really hurting for him to hear this story, and Sam noticed. In fact, Jacob did not succeed into masking his feelings. His eyes slowly darkened; it was alike a tin layer of black mist covered the white part of the eye. The hands were strongly clenched to his side, and from the paleness of the skin were revealed pulsing blue veins. Jacob was clearly putting a lot of effort to hear the story, but nevertheless, he kept listening until the end.

In real, Emily did not get scared of the dark, but of her old and terrible memories still alive into her nightmares. 'No wonder that recently she was mentally unstable. It surely was because someone had been threatening her with this video!', Jacob thought.

"How did Tina get the video?" He asked to Sam.

"The truth is that it was Miss Tina's brother who got it at first. He must have sent it to his sister short after. Now we already deleted the video from Miss Tina's mobile phone, but it is highly possible that there is still a backup copy in her brother's hands."

"Well done, Sam." Jacob's tone sounded a bit more relieved, but on his face there were still that layer of darkness. "I will handle Mark myself. You will continue looking after Tina and Emily. If anything happens, tell me immediately."

"Yes, Mr. Jacob."

After Sam left, Jacob remained alone in the room, thinking at the scene in that video with clenched fists. He stayed there for some minutes with white knuckles and blood-thirsty eyes.

If he coul

ecute Emily now? How could she keep Emily away Jacob so that she could spend time with him alone?

Even though Mark had other and more important things to do at work now, he still answered calmly to his sister,"Tina, listen to me. Jacob knew of the video. Today he came over and asked me to delete it."

"How could it be?" Tina was incredulous. She finally had a way to scare out Emily, and it was in her very hands. But before she could even dispose of, it was gone!

"So you should not do anything reckless for the time being."

Tina obviously did not want to accept what Mark said. Her voice was even more angry than before,"I don't buy it! I tried so hard to get Jacob all for me! Brother, help me. If the video is really gone, all I have done so far is gone with it. And everything that happened to Emily will be forget. You cannot let this happen."

Mark sighed and waited a moment for her to calm down,"... I'll see what I can do."

He couldn't figure out the reason why Tina liked Jacob. After all, Jacob didn't like her at all, but either way, she did not quit with him. Mark did not know whether it was courageous or just stupid.


In the president's office of the Gu Consortium.

Jacob called Emily, who was completely unaware of the recent events, into the office, and invited her to sit down. He introduced Emily to the man in front of them. "This is Mr. Chester, the partner of our company's next project, and also, my friend."

The man nodded to her and smiled. "Hello, Emily. It is a pleasure to meet you finally."

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Chester." Although Emily was still unsure of the reason why Jacob wanted to present her this man, she did not ask questions but greeted him politely.

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