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   Chapter 126 A Childhood Trauma

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When Jacob returned to his office, he didn't see Emily in her desk. With a stern look on his face, he called Sam in.

"What has been keeping Emily so busy lately? Do you notice anything peculiar about her?" he asked Sam.

Jacob believed that Sam would know what Emily was up to since he had asked him to keep a watchful eye on the girl. The next moment, Jacob got the answer from Sam—"Everything was just as usual, Sir. But, recently, I saw Ms. Tina chatting with Ms. Emily, on more than one occasion."

"Tina?" Having guessed what was going on, Jacob frowned and hardened his look. He tapped his slender fingers on the table and said,"Keep an eye on them. We have to figure out what's going on."

'Something happened to Emily that I don't know about, ' Jacob thought, 'she looked at me peculiarly just now. And when I visited her yesterday, she was also in a state of shock as if she was hiding something from me... What the hell is wrong with her?'

Credit to his lack of patience, Jacob decided to figure it out by himself, because he knew that Emily would never bring herself to tell him the truth.

"I will do as you've said, Sir," Sam nodded at Jacob and walked off to run errands.


That afternoon, in an upscale café

Tina was sitting at a table, stirring a cup of coffee in a leisurely manner with an exquisite spoon between her slender fingers. There was a certain glow of happiness on her face. It was quite obvious that she was in a good mood. "I win this round. Emily had quite a reaction to that video," she chuckled, as she turned to the girl sitting beside her.

Jasmyn, who was sitting next to Tina, giggled and said,"Emily is so naive. How could she even compete with you? I'm sure she won't get the better of you again."

"You are right. With that video in my hand, she is absolutely under my control now. Tell you what, with that video, she will do whatever I ask her to do," basking under the light of her confidence, Tina smiled with pleasure because she finally managed to bring Emily to her knees.

According to everyone else, Emily was a confident girl who was neither overbearing nor self-effacing. However, Tina, who hated Emily's guts, only wanted to destroy her confidence and self-esteem one step at a time.

'I want to see what else Emily would do to keep Jacob's heart with her!' Tina thought as she gnashed her teeth in resentment.

Not too far away from Tina and Jasmyn, there was another lady who was sitting alone. It was Rose. She had kept herself away from the public eye for a long time, and her belly was much bigger than

ague clip played on the screen.

"No! Go away!" The video showed a little girl who was screaming in great fear. Although the video was fuzzy, Jacob recognized Emily's voice right away.

It was an old video, and Jacob assumed that Emily was seven or eight years old in the video. In the beginning of the video, Emily was sitting in a dark room alone. However, several minutes later, the camera shook and a man went close to Emily. The man grabbed hold of her all of a sudden and kissed her face.

"Go away! Stay away from me!" Emily cried and struggled; her voice was full of despair and helplessness. "Let me go!" she screamed.

Soon, several policemen kicked the door open and burst into the room. They rushed quickly in and held the man down. That's where the clip ended.

The clip only lasted for a few seconds, but Jacob suddenly realized that it was the reason behind Emily's childhood trauma.

The clip afforded Jacob with great pain, as great fire had engulfed his heart from within. The next minute, he threw Sam's phone to the floor and stomped on it, causing the phone to break into many pieces.

Sam was speechless at what his boss was doing, as he cried in his heart.

'Sir, I just bought this IPhone 8 a few days ago...'

Nonetheless, Sam kept a professional look on his face and continued,"The news had shocked the entire city. That man was a pedophile. He kidnapped several little girls to..."

Sam suddenly paused in fear, when he noticed the discomfort on Jacob's face. Driven mad with fury, Jacob's long and narrow eyes reddened and his face turned grim, as if he was going to kill the next person he laid his eyes on.

After a long time in silence, Sam finally heard Jacob say,"Go on."

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