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   Chapter 125 Shadows Of Darkness

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After Emily woke up from the memory, she sat down and ate porridge slowly. "Thank you," she said.

Jacob, who was sitting opposite Emily, suddenly put his hand over her forehead. A few seconds later, he opened his mouth and said,"Your fever is coming down."

"Hmm…" Emily responded vaguely. There was an angry expression in Jacob's eyes, so she dared not look at his face. "Tomorrow I will go to the company," she said.

"There's no hurry. You can rest for another two days," said Jacob.

Emily shook her head and refused,"It's not a problem. I'm feeling much better now. I can go to work tomorrow."

"If you say so," agreed Jacob. Although Jacob agreed with her, his face turned sour.

Unfortunately, Emily, who was looking downwards to her plate, did not notice the dissatisfaction on Jacob's face. It was obvious that she was hiding something from him.

Emily's indifference and lack of concern for Jacob's mood made him unhappy. What could be so important? And why did she suddenly give him the cold shoulder?

"If there is nothing else to discuss, I will leave now," said Jacob, hoping that Emily would speak her mind.

Emily didn't raise her head, as she responded without thinking carefully what he was saying,"Oh, good."

Jacob's lips curled with disdain. He wasn't happy about the fact that Emily was giving him the cold shoulder even though he had taken such good care of her. Surely her illness was no excuse to be treating him like that.

"Okay, Emily. I suppose it is typical of you to do so!" Jacob mocked.

This wasn't the first time Emily, who was an ungrateful woman, took his good intentions for granted!

"Eh?" After finally realizing that Jacob was mad at her, Emily looked up at him and asked,"What's wrong..."

Annoyed by her ignorance, Jacob was so angry that he picked up his coat and turned away. He didn't stop or respond, even though Emily called out his name several times from behind.

Soon after Jacob paced towards the door, Emily got up to stop him, but he was too fast. She paused to think for a moment and decided not to go after him. Emily was confused by Jacob's behavior. 'It's so easy for him to get angry without any reason...

But that's all right. If I needle Jacob more often, he will grow tired of me, right?' thought Emily. She took in a deep breath and continued with her thoughts, 'Then he will slowly start to resent me, instead of liking me…'

It would be good for both of them, since Emily thought that she didn't deserve to be loved by Jacob.

Jacob kept walking until he came downstairs. He realized that he had been behaving like a child throwing his tantrum for nothing. He had been angry with Emily just because she had ignored his mood swings.

Jacob felt as if he had switched positions with Emily.

From Jacob's point of view, Emily should have been the one to devote herself to him, but that was fa

e, the lights in the elevator finally came back on again.

Jacob quickly put his hand over Emily's eyes to protect her from the blinding lights. In a gentle, soothing tone, he said,"It's all right now. You are safe."

Emily opened her eyes gradually. It was just as Jacob had said; the light of the elevator was on again and she was safe now. Emily breathed a sigh of relief as if she had survived some kind of a disaster.

A few drops of crystal clear tears hung on to Emily's long curly eyelashes. As soon as Jacob noticed the tears in her eyes, he reached out and wiped her tears, but Emily turned her head without another word and pushed him away.

"I… I'm scared of the dark…" Emily explained, trying to find an excuse and distract him.

Suddenly, with his arms empty, Jacob felt empty inside too. He tried to hide his disappointment and said,"Well, I knew that. Besides, I don't know anyone who is as afraid of the darkness as you are."

Emily's heartbeat paced faster as she bit her lips and remained quiet.

While the both of them stood there silently, the elevator door beeped before it finally opened.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom first," said Emily, as she ran out of the elevator quickly, like she was being chased by a wild animal.

Jacob decided not to follow her. He stood there inside the elevator pensively, as he watched Emily's back slowly disappear.

When Emily got inside the bathroom, she locked the door behind her. She stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself. Her face was pale; her eyes were inflamed, and even her makeup was all messed up. All in all, she looked quite unpleasant.

After taking a deep breath, Emily washed her face with cold water and forced herself to calm down. She spent some time to fix her makeup, and then sat on the toilet lid in a trance for a while.

'I… Will I ever be able to get rid of those terrible memories?' thought Emily.

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