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   Chapter 124 You Don't Deserve To Stand Beside Him

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When the idea had occurred to her, there's another voice that spoke inside Emily's mind.

"If he knows about this, he will feel disgusted. He won't love you anymore. He will hate you..."

'No, I don't want Jacob to hate me! I don't want him to stop loving me!'

While thinking that Jacob might look at her with disgust and hate her, Emily felt that her heart was already broken and she didn't want it to happen...

Jacob asked with a concern look. "What happened to you, Emily? Are you okay?" Jacob looked worriedly at Emily's pale face. He lifted her and put her down carefully on the bed. "Are you okay? Do you feel anything wrong? How about going to the hospital for a check-up?"

Hearing Jacob's voice full of concern, Emily suddenly came back to her senses and smiled with assurance. "Don't worry, Jacob. I've already took the medicine and I'll just need a good rest. I'll be fine."

Staring at her for a while and making sure that Emily was not having any problem with her body, Jacob sat at the bed, tucked her in and held her hand. "Sleep now. I'll stay here."

Emily tried to withdraw her hand, but he tightened his grip. She asked,"Don't you have work today? The company needs you there. I'm fine here alone."

Without having a change with his facial expression, Jacob lied and answer,"I don't have any work to do today and you need me more than the company does right now."


"Now be a good girl for me, okay? Just close your eyes and sleep." Interrupting her, he said with a gentle and deep voice, like coaxing a child to sleep. "Shhhh, stop talking."

Captivated by his gentleness, Emily stared at him and stopped resisting. She didn't dare to answer anymore. After a while Jacob said,"Why don't you close your eyes and sleep? Are you waiting for me to tell you a bedtime story?"

Surely, Jacob treated her like a child. Emily wouldn't let Jacob tell her story like she was a five-year-old girl, so she quickly turned, found a comfortable position and closed her eyes.

The temperature in the room was comfortable, just right and the quilt was warm. Jacob's hand was holding hers tightly and intimately.

Emily had thought it would be difficult for her to sleep with him around and her hand being held by him. But she quickly fell asleep, for she felt surprisingly secured with him around.

Recently, she had been living in fear, worrying that she would be exposed and her secret be revealed. Every night she was troubled by a nightmare and couldn't get enough rest.

All this had made her exhausted. With Jacob around, it felt like there was finally a safe place for her to rest. She quickly sank into a deep sleep, letting her guard down.


"Okay, I'll stay here with you," Jacob comforted her, touching her soft face while looking at her with so much love.

Seeing him sitting back beside her, Emily felt secure and contented. She looked at Jacob like a little cat that was being taken care of her owner.

Jacob thought she was so adorable and couldn't help touching her face. "Close your eyes, and have a good sleep."

The medicine was starting to take effect. Emily was a little bit dizzy and sleepy. And she gradually fell asleep. This time, she didn't experience any of her nightmares.

When she woke up, Emily looked around and Jacob was nowhere to be found, which made her think that she was dreaming again.

Emily noticed that her body was full of sweat after the fever had reduced. She quickly got out of the bed. A savory smell filled her nose after she finished changing. Her stomach growled because of hunger.

"Come and have some food."

Suddenly a clear and familiar voice sounded her ear. And Emily realized that she wasn't dreaming and all that happened today was real.

Looking at Jacob who was sitting at the table waiting for her, Emily froze in daze. She then slowly walked toward the table where he was sitting.

'If only that video doesn't ever exist and if only nothing happens...' Emily thought and sighed.

Emily now realized that she had already fallen for Jacob and that she loved him. But now, with her past, she no longer had the courage to stay with him. She had been trying to avoid and hide her secret. But she knew that she couldn't hide it forever.

Looking back at Jacob's handsome face, Emily recalled Tina's word again.

"You don't deserve to stand beside him."

For more than 20 years of her life, Emily never felt this afraid and self-contemptuous about herself.

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