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   Chapter 123 Privilege

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"Do you recognize who it is? I bet I don't need to introduce this person to you since you're obviously quite familiar with him," said Tina. She laughed hysterically and hid the phone behind her when Emily tried to take the phone.

Emily bit her lip tightly, failing to keep the calmness in her face together. The burden of a nightmare from many years ago fell on her heart once again, Emily stuttered,"How did you... get this video..."

"If you don't want people to know about it, you'd better listen to me," said Tina, as she slowly put her phone back in her handbag, and hummed dismissively,"Your stuff can be easily found as long as I want to."

With a hateful expression on her face, Tina continued,"Would Jacob still love you if I spread this video to the public to let everybody know just what kind of person you truly are?"

Tina's words hit Emily like a lightning bolt, sending shockwaves throughout her entire body, causing her to tremble with fear.

Emily bit her lip so hard that it almost bled, making it difficult for her to speak out. She weakly murmured,"You... What do you want exactly?"

There was no denying the fact that Emily was just clutching at straws, fearing the alternative.

Petrified with crippling fear, Emily was worried about her past getting exposed to the public. She did not want to relive her nightmare all over again, followed by the hatred and resentment from the people around her...

No, she couldn't let anyone else know. No matter what the cost was!

"Here's the deal. From now on you have to listen to me and stay within the boundaries of your status. Do not dare to dream of the things you should never dream of. If you comply, perhaps I may even help you to cover up the truth; understood?" asserted Tina.

"... Yes." Emily had too much to lose. She had no other choice but to agree to what Tina was asking, because the secret that Tina was holding was powerful enough to destroy everything Emily had worked for.

"So you agree?" Tina winked her eyes at Emily and said,"I thought you had integrity, but I was wrong about you."

Speechless, Emily clenched her fists while staring at the ground, trembling with rage.

"Now that you have agreed..." Tina laughed delightfully with pure satisfaction. Looking at the lost soul in front of her, she demanded,"My shoes are really dirty. Why don't you help me clean it, hmm?"

Tina stretched out her left leg. Her shoes were clean and spotless, withou

d to handle Jacob's temper tantrums.

Jacob curved his lips upwards, waiting for a reasonable explanation from her. When he laid his eyes on Emily, she was wearing pink and white pyjamas and her gorgeous hair was a complete mess. From her drowsy look, it was obvious that she had just gotten up from bed. Jacob did not like the pale look on Emily's face.

In an instant, Jacob's anger dissipated. "Are you feeling unwell?" he asked.

"Yes, I have a little fever," she nodded. "Do you want to come inside?" she asked him.

Jacob walked in naturally as if he was entering his own house, and then closed the door behind him.

Emily suddenly remembered the deal she had made with Tina. She dreaded to think about what would happen if Tina had found out that Jacob came to visit her...

Emily's head was pounding. She wondered what the right thing for her to do was. However, it was too late for her to kick Jacob out. She did not want Jacob to suspect anything...

When Emily was lost in her thoughts, a warm big hand covered her forehead. Jacob was checking her temperature.

"It's a bit hot. Have you taken any medicine?" asked Jacob.

"Yes, I have," assured Emily, in a low voice. The fragility of her voice scratched Jacob's heart.

Soon after, he pulled Emily to his embrace and took her to her bedroom where she wrapped her hands around his strong shoulders, without a conscious thought.

Emily rested her face to his chest. All she could hear was his heartbeat. It gave her comforts, as though he was her most powerful support.

Perhaps, the only way she could solve her problems was by telling him the truth...

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