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   Chapter 122 Did You Deserve this Name

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This was a situation Jacob had foreseen. He quietly listened to the oppositions, with a blank expression on his face.

"I believe in her ability, and do you think that the elites in the other groups are dead? You think that with Emily in this group, everything will be messed up? Then you'd better pack up and leave together!" said Jacob.

Emily was only an assistant. Normally, she was not experienced enough to undertake such a project. The planning was done, but the team had not been assigned yet. As long as Jacob was in power, he could arrange a suitable position for Emily at will.

"When you talk, you should use your brains to avoid being misled by an ill-conceived person," continued Jacob.

These words somehow offended everyone. They wanted to explain, but they were intimidated by Jacob's cold, sharp eyes. They still remembered who Jacob was, as his reputation preceded him.

Jack pursed his lips and clenched his fists tightly in anger. He laid his eyes on Emily, with reluctance written all over his face.

Emily wasn't expecting Jacob to make such a big decision on her behalf. Within moments she was subjected to the contemptuous eyes of her peers in the room. However, Jacob revealed that he firmly believed in her...

For a fleeting moment, Jacob's words gave her skeptical heart some solace.

After the meeting was over, everyone, especially Jack, did not seem too happy with the outcome. The only exception was Jacob and Emily.

Jack did not open his mouth, neither did he do anything, instead he just got up and walked out of the room.

Jacob demonstrated the importance of power to Jack more deeply in today's meeting. One day he would trample Jacob under his feet, just to see who would protect Emily at that time.


"Miss Tina, do you know that Emily has been spreading rumours about you in the company? She claims that you are ill-tempered, and that if it weren't for the family you were born into, no one would have put up with your nasty attitude. Besides, if you had started with ordinary employees, you would have been brushed off from the very beginning. More importantly, if it weren't for your family's name, Mr. Jacob would never even stop to take a look at you..." said one of the employees.

Hearing what the female employee had just said, drove Tina off the walls. In a fit of rage, she banged her fist on the table, spilling coffee all

the other side, the first thing Tina did after dropping the food over at Jacob's office, was to find Emily. When she found out that Emily was in the 'Ladies Room', she followed her there.

Just as she was about to push the door in, she caught Emily on her way out. Tina stood in Emily's way and said,"Where are you going in such a hurry? I've been here for so many days, and still we haven't had a good chat yet."

Emily paused, and did not respond to Tina. After a moment, she asked,"Are you sure you want to chat in the bathroom?"

"Oh? You want to chat outside?" Tina laughed. Her laughter feigned innocence, but her heart was full of malice. She asked,"Are you sure you want to do this? It isn't me who is going to be disgraced then," said Tina.

"What do you mean?" asked Emily. Having noticed the elated facial expression Tina was wearing, a shadow of doubt gradually surrounded Emily's heart.

Tina looked around the ladies' room to see if anyone else was there. She locked the door behind her and said,"What do you think? You don't know what you have done?"

Emily felt a little uneasy. She pressed her fingers together nervously and said,"What on earth do you want?"

"Emily, E..." Tina stuttered. There was an apparent disdain and disgust in her tone. "Do people like you deserve this name?"

Dumbfounded, Emily's face turned pale. She said,"What on earth are you talking..."

Tina slowly held her cellphone up high. In an instant, the words from Emily's mouth disappeared. She opened her eyes wide, as her pupils constricted and her face became paler than it was before.

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