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   Chapter 121 Is It So Difficult

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"Don't you have any reaction at all?"

Tina looked at Emily with disbelief. Her eyes grew wide, trying to understand the emotions on Emily's face. But she failed and felt disappointed.

And that was because Emily was too calm.

"What reaction?" asked Emily. She paused for a short while and continued," Best wishes to your marriage and many years of happiness for the two of you?"

Emily suddenly realized and found that she was good at disguising herself in front of the others.

Emily didn't know why. She didn't want to show her vulnerable part in front of Tina. And Emily didn't want Tina to see her getting giddy with success of teasing her...


Don't you like Jacob?"

Tina had some confusions on her mind and was surprised, but soon she understood," I know it! You are with Jacob just for money!"

"You think I am like that, then that's who I am."

The voice of Emily suddenly fell, and the door of the office was opened from the outside. Jacob stood at the door, with an expressionless face. Nobody knew if he had heard their whole conversation.

Tina reacted at once, and she said with a big smile. "Jacob, you are back?"

Jacob already knew what Mr. Gu was thinking. Since Tina liked to come close to him that much, he would let her be a shield. "Why are you here?" he asked.

"I am waiting for you. Let's go out for dinner together, okay?"

Tina was absolutely patient and tolerant towards Jacob. Even if Jacob treated her bad, she was still so attached to him and never gave up.

"Not available today."

Although Jacob was talking to Tina, his eyes fell straight on Emily.

Tina was obviously unhappy with Jacobs reply. But she had already learned how to be smart and to avoid any conflict with others as much as possible. "Well, I will wait until you have time to eat together with me."

Anyway, now that she already entered his world. They would meet often and frequently. There was a long time for them and for Tina to get Jacob's attention. At least that was what she thought.

Jacob did not considered her request but said," Now go out first."

Tina bit her lip and looked at Emily with disliked. In the end, she obeyed him and went out.

There were only two people left in the office, Jacob and Emily.

"Come here."

Jacob's eyes were dark.

Emily heard his tone and could not help but feel a little bit nervous. She walk slowly toward him. And just as soon as she reached him, Jacob pushed her against the door.

She looked up at Jacob in fright and met the man's deep, black eyes. She knew that he had heard their conversion and it

about it.

"That assistant, Miss Emily doesn't know anything, but still, you let her join the project team just like that. Is it because of your intimate relationship with her? How 'professional' the way you treat your work, Mr. Jacob! I am really impressed!"

The first person who took the initiative to raise his voice was Jack, and only he dared to say those words to Jacob face to face.

Watching these two people went in and out together every single day like a loving couple had made Jack feel jealous and angry for a long time. Like everyone else in this office, he thought Jacob made Emily his assistant just because he wanted to keep her by his side; but he never thought that Jacob wanted to assign Emily with an important position in an important project. This situation was really different from what he thought it would be.

Moreover, to be honest, the project was so important because the state would also invest and collaborate with them. It was definitely a big project that everyone wanted to be included. It was profitable to just get involved in it. Who would be willing to give that chance to a little girl who was nobody and knew nothing?

When everyone heard Jack's words, they seemed to heave a sigh of relief. They all added," Yes, Mr. Jacob; the business is not a place for playful love."

"What does a little girl know? Don't screw up the project for your own personal reasons."

"She is just suitable to be your assistant. I am afraid that she lacks ability to handle other things than being an assistant. You might need to reconsider it."


With their tones of words, it almost sounded like that Jacob was a foolish king who was seduced by a vicious woman and made a stupid decision.

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