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   Chapter 120 You Country Bumpkin

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"Help me, Mark. If anyone could find a way to make me an employee of the Gu Consortium, it would be you." Grabbing her elder brother's hand, Tina begged with the "puppy eyes" look and with no intention of giving up before Mark agreed.

And she saw her brother shake his head and heard him say plainly "no".

'Jacob never had any interest in Tina, ' Mark thought, 'and even my family is nothing compared to his. It is impossible for Tina to have any position in the Gu Consortium.'

"My dear brother," stamping her feet on the floor, Tina's face turned red with anger. But after thinking for a while, she wrapped her arms around Mark's neck and hanged on tightly. "You are the sweetest! And I'm sure you will help, I know! You are my best brother!".

Tina said, looking at Mark. With eyes sparkling with great expectation, she waited for his reply.

Stared by his sister in such a lovely manner, Mark finally gave up. After all, he had always indulged his little sister since childhood; even if Tina asked him for the stars, he would try his all and get them for her. And all in all, becoming an employee of the Gu Consortium was nothing compared to picking the stars. It will be much easier. So he promised her,"Okay, I will figure it out how to get you in."

"I knew it! I just can't wait to hear the good news!" with a good mood again, Tina detached herself smoothly from her brother's neck and walked off, while humming a tune

Staring at the place where she had been, Mark shook his head and sighed, covering again the strange affection in his eyes.

As a man of his word, Mark would, of course, keep his promise. So without any delay he paid a visit to the Gu's mansion. There, Mark tried hard to persuade old Mr. Gu and in the end softened his attitude and let Tina had a chance to get a job in the Gu Consortium for the sake of "creating more opportunities for Jacob and Tina to develop a romantic relationship".

After all, it was also the anticipation of Mr. Gu to unite the two powerful families by marriage. Mark's proposal gave him a thinking that it was a great opportunity to start his agenda.

The next morning, Tina woke up early with so much energy and registered in the company as she was overjoyed that finally she got what she really wanted. Since she was arranged into the company by old Mr. Gu himself, no one dared to give her cold shoulder.

But as soon as she was finished with her registration, whispers were fast spread in the company.

"If I'm not mistaken, our new manager was the elder daughter of Tao family. What brings her here?"

"You bet! She must have come here for

o as an assistant. You country bumpkin!" By saying so, Tina finally felt that she gained the upper hand.

Tina's words shortened Emily's patience to silence. She couldn't do anything but leave and prepare the coffee for Tina. As to what Tina said about her, she could also do nothing but just ignore it.

'Anyway, a pampered girl like Tina couldn't think of anything more terrible to curse me than "bitch","nothing","country bumpkin" or something alike. Compared to those days when I was hurled abuse by Rose, Tina's words were nothing at all, ' Emily consoled herself.

Pleased and satisfied, Tina watched Emily walking towards the coffee maker, followed her and was so fussy about the way Emily made coffee.

However, in the end, Tina was disappointed because Emily made the coffee with great patience and seemed that she was not distracted at all by Tina.

Tina rolled her eyes, and suddenly her face turned bright by a new idea.

"Emily, do you know that my family and the Gu family will unite in marriage one day? That is to say, my marriage with Jacob is by destiny, whether he likes it or not."

"Even if Jacob fancies you, you would never be married into his house in an open manner, let alone have any child with him. You are not a wife for him; as I say, he will only have one legal wife—me.

Plus, how long will his love for you endure?"

"Ms. Tina, your coffee is ready. What else can I do for you?" Emily suddenly raised her head and asked with chilly politeness, as if she didn't heard even a single word from Tina. However, deep in her heart, with every word Tina said, thousands of thorns were piercing through her.

She was hurt, struck dumb and knocked over, because she knew that what Tina said was all true..

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