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   Chapter 119 Flipped

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"Why did you buy so many things? I just asked you to buy some mushrooms and red dates?!" Emily walked over to Jacob and seeing him carrying a lot of bags on his hands. She couldn't help asking,"Were you cheated by the vendors into buying them?"

Jacob's face turned red as if he was just caught by his "wife" red handed. He looked away from her to avoid her stare and answered plainly,"Uhm, no."

"Really? Clearly you were cheated." When Emily saw his reaction, she knew that he did not admit it, and she was a bit speechless about the situation. After calming herself down, sighing she said,"I just want to make a soup, but you have bought so many food. Are we going to have a feast? Because I'm sure we can't eat all of them."

"We can put them away and keep it in the refrigerator for future use." answered Jacob calmly.

"But the frozen food in the refrigerator is not as good as the fresh food. " She said helplessly.

"Oh Okay, got it." After Jacob realized that he had done something wrong, he reached out his fingers and touch his nose like convincing himself that he did a good job though he knew that he really was cheated.

"So you like wasting food huh." Emily felt helpless and stopped arguing with Jacob. Luckily she had come early, otherwise, he would be cheated into buying more things, things that he would see around but he didn't actually need... Sure enough, Jacob shouldn't come to the market, ever again. In the eyes of the vendors, he was just like a lamb that entered their house and ready to be slaughtered. He was indeed ignorant in terms of vegetable market schemes.

Jacob nodded at her and apologized,"I'm sorry."

"Eh…" Emily couldn't find the words to say. She didn't know if she would laugh or cry for seeing Jacob being like that. "It's all right. Just take it back first." she finally compromised.

The two of them started moving all the things to the trunk. And after getting on inside the car, Emily asked,"Are we going to your house or mine?"

However, to be honest, Emily didn't want to go to Jacob's house at all. After all, the last time she lived there didn't end up so well.

"Yours," Jacob said directly, as if he had seen though her and known what she was thinking.

Emily relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief and said happily,"Okay."

When they arrived at her apartment, she immediately started classifying the food that Jacob had bought and put them inside the refrigerator, as she was wondering when she would cook and eat all up these food.

Jacob certainly had been fooled by others, and it seemed so impressive that they had the capability to fool someone like Jacob…… Emily sighed.

To tell the truth, Emily's cooking was not that particularly good, but she could prepare some home-cooked dishes, such as chicken soup, which would be basically not too bad as long as you controlled the temperature and maintain the original taste of the chicken. Besides, she had cooked for herself a few times in

Mark, my dear brother, I want to work in Gu Consortium. Maybe you can find a way to let me in?" Tina asked her brother eagerly. As soon as Mark came home, Tina quickly run towards him and held his arm without letting him go. She said in a soft and expectant tone,"Please!" she pleaded, looking at her brother with a puppy eyes like.

Since child up to now that she was at the right age, Tina always liked to act a spoiled child when she wanted something. She was a beautiful and lovely girl as long as she would't lose her temper. No one could refuse her when she spoke softly and like this.

For example, Mark, couldn't refuse her and would give in to what she wanted.

Looking at his beloved sister, he asked,"You want to work in the Gu Consortium, but why?" Mark pretended that he didn't know and understand why she wanted to work at the Gu Consortium. In fact, he clearly knew of Tina's purpose on working there.

Tina turned her eyes away and found an excuse,"I don't want to stay at home and do nothing at all. I want to exercise my ability and learn social communication."

It sounded like a lame and unbelievable reason.

"If you want to improve yourself and exercise your ability, you can work for our own company and help your family." Mark answered plainly. He still didn't shook off Tina's hands from his arm, as he began to loosen his tie.

Tina was alarmed when she heard his reply. She pulled Mark's tie and refused to let him go. "I don't care what you say or how will you do it. I just want to work with Jacob's company. See, Emily can work there, so why can't I?" she asked abruptly.

'Sure enough. It's the same reason just like before.' thought Mark.

Emily and Jacob, these were the two names that Mark had heard from Tina for a countless of times. He answered her mildly, while his face was changing slowly,"Tina, the Gu Consortium is not ours. I have no right to just let you join the company. So don't be too childish and capricious, okay?"

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